Jacob departs from his brother Esau, from Genesis 33:8-17 commented by ASV and questions

Two lives

After that Jacob had worked 20 years for Laban, he had learned to live his two lives, the most important one with his awesome God, YaHaWaH, in the spiritual kingdom where God ruled his life and blessed him. Then Jacob also lived his life on earth where he related to Laban who tried to manipulate and cheat him.

Killing, stealing and destroying

During those 20 years with Laban, Jacob learned to relate both to the Spiritual with God and relate to the physical. In our physical world, the devil is the master and is influencing people with his doctrine of killing, stealing and destroying.

King of Seir

Now he met Esau and managed to make him accept the gifts and by this manner, he sealed the friendship between them. However, Esau wanted to be in charge and suggested that they went together to where he was king in the land of Seir. Esau wanted to rule and govern his brother and his huge camp too.

In this world

Jacob managed to slip out of the grip of Esau and his soldiers by his smart way of talking, always calling Esau lord and himself servant. Jacob accepted that he lived in this world, however, he wanted to be alone with his God and live his life according to what He told him.  

180 degrees

Jacob promised Esau to later meet him in Seir, however when Esau had left, Jacob turned 180 degrees and crossed the Jabok river for the second time, now towards north, to a place he called Succoth, meaning booths. There with his camp he rested for a while, building a house and shelters.


  1. What came first, the spiritual or the physical?
  2. In what “room” are you living?
  3. What is our problem with the spiritual “room”?
  4. In our lives, is there a fight going on between the Spiritual and the physical?

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