Hope to see you in Heaven.

Hope to see you in heaven

The time is scarce, the world is getting worse and worse, the morale is low, the unnatural has become the natural however, it will get worse. We are closing on the times of Sodom and Gomorrah where sex with animals were the norm. Dear friend your life is on the balance, the choice is yours and the time is now, save yourselves and then you can save others, your love ones. There is a way out and His name is Jesus, He longs for you and would love to enter your heart. The solution is simple, just ask Jesus in, for instance like this; “Jesus save me, enter my heart, be my Lord and take charge over my life, I admit being a sinner needing salvation.”  You do not need a pastor or a priest to get saved, Jesus is available for all, whenever and wherever. If you need a guideline you can find one in the Romans chapter 10 verses from 9 to 13. By friend, hope to see you in heaven.

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