Joseph in Egypt and the seven barren years started, Asenath gives Joseph two sons. From Genesis 41:50-57 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

Pain and sorrow

Asenath gave Joseph two sons, Joseph called the first-born, Manasseh meaning, “Causing to forget” and in verse 51, we can sense all the pain and sorrow Joseph went through, separated from his family and his country, and deprived of his freedom and his identity.

Because of Jesus

If Joseph would have reacted as a normal human being, he had longed for revenge with hate and bitterness, he knew this and thanked God for protecting his heart and mind, “God has made me forget all my trouble and hardship and all my father’s household.”  Because of what Jesus was about to do many years later, Joseph could forgive Potiphar and his wife and all his brothers and enjoy life in Egypt in love and hard work. Do you need to forgive?

Always in Joseph’s heart

Joseph had a second son and called him, Ephraim meaning fruitfulness, “God has caused me to be fruitful and very successful in the land of my suffering” God was always in Joseph’s heart and he praised God by what he called his sons. All the suffering in Egypt thought him his dependence on YaHaWaH his awesome God. Do you depend on God?

All the people came

Now the seven years of plenty had gone and the seven barren years started, the famine ravished Egypt and the rest of the world, not any food anywhere and all the people came to Pharaoh for help; however, he sent them to Joseph.

Joseph saved the world

Pharaoh could have used the situation to gain more land and power; however, he had learned to fear the God of Joseph and kept him in charge. Joseph saved the world from starving to death by opening all the granaries in Egypt, selling grain. God by Joseph saved the world and made Egypt an extremely wealthy nation.


  1. Are you going through in your life “the same” as Joseph did?
  2. Are we able to forget?
  3. What does it take to fill your heart with the love of God?

Pharaoh appoints Joseph as leader over Egypt, gives him a new name and a wife. From Genesis 41:38-49 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

New to him

All the tribes in Canaan respected and feared Abraham, Isaac and Israel because of their mighty and scary God, YaHaWaH, and now in Egypt Pharaoh knew his life and destiny depended on the God behind the words that Joseph spoke. The Egyptians sensed the divine power surrounding the Hebrew slave and the need of following his instructions. Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and clear-headed and wise as you are Pharaoh acknowledged that the God of Joseph had the authority and power over the present and the future, this was new to him, being treated as god by the Egyptian people.  


Pharaoh gave Joseph a new name, “Zaphenath-paneah” צָפְנַת פַעְנֵחַ meaning, “the god speaks, and he lives”. By his new name Joseph, wherever he came published that he represented the God that speaks and is alive. The people of course knew he worked for Pharaoh, but most importantly had words directly from the living God. Pharaoh then gave Joseph Asenath as wife.

Overseers and officials

Pharaoh gave Joseph full control over the land; every single person was under his authority. Joseph was 30 years of age and ready to start his work. He didn’t glory in his position; he started by traveling through the land and appointed overseers and officials in every city. He built granaries alongside the cornfields ready to store up one-fifth of the harvested corn.

The plenty bread from heaven

God told Joseph about the seven years of plenty, and when God said plenty, He meant divine plenty, it probably had never ben as plenty as in those seven years. Joseph started to count the amount of grain being stored, however the plenty was too plenty, Joseph stopped counting, because the officials didn’t manage to register, it was too many wheelbarrows filled with grain coming in at the same time. God prepared to save the world sending Joseph to Egypt, and about two thousand years later, he sent Jesus, the bread from heaven to earth to save the world.


Saving the world is not a miracle moment; it takes time with preparations in wisdom and knowledge. You need to be prepared too. Jesus calls it to repent. Repent is not just regretting what you have done in the past as sinner, no it is the real preparation for walking with Jesus. Repent is stop thinking like the world and start thinking like God.

Your brain

In today language it is to select carefully what you fill your brain with from the TV broadcasting, most of the stuff coming from the TV-screen is of the devil and it affects your thought life and gives you negative thinking. In addition, you must select who you mingle with and to whom you listen and what you read on the internet.  

Effort every day

Where do you find God’s way of reasoning? it is easy, it is in the Bible and only there. To repent is comprehending the words of Jesus, The Bible is spirit and life. To be prepared takes time and effort every day. You must convert your brain from this world’s reasoning to God’s way of thinking.

A time of indoctrination

However you might say, “stop a while, this is indoctrinating, yes it is, you are today, existing in a time of indoctrination, of ideas, commercials, media, there is no safe haven, you are being bombarded with some kind of information everywhere. The best indoctrination is the words from a loving and wise God. The other option is from the devil who is a thief and a killer.


  1. Who is your enemy in converting to Gods way of thinking?
  2. Do you know the meaning of your name?
  3. What influences your brain the most?
  4. What governs what you do?

Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and gives him the solution. From Genesis 41:14-37 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

It is not in me

Who was Joseph in front of Pharaoh, and what was he doing there? God had prepared Joseph throughout his young life to be His messenger and to represent Him in front of Pharaoh and his servants, and now was the time; “Joseph answered Pharaoh, “It is not in me God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer

Praise Him

Joseph answered Pharaoh without pride and self-interest, Joseph had the will of God in his heart and understood that his thoughts and way of thinking came from outside of himself; Joseph praised his awesome God for the interpretation and advices he presented to Pharaoh. It is no different for us today, when we live our lives for God, He influences our thoughts, He is behind our thinking and He expects us to acknowledge this fact and praise Him.


In his introduction of the interpretation, Joseph again honored his God, “God has shown Pharaoh what He is about to do” In this manner, Joseph not only gave his God the credit, he also presented himself as a representative, sent from God.


Joseph didn’t just interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams he also gave him the solution, what he needed to do, God gave Joseph the complete plan and Joseph just informed Pharaoh; find a clearheaded and wise leader, appoint governors and officials throughout the land, store up one-fifth of the grain during the seven years of plenty.

The tax

We must think likewise today, we must be prepared, for the future, we must understand what is ahead of us. When it is peace, we must prepare for war, when in good times we must prepare for bad times. And furthermore, I think God showed us through what He told Joseph, that the tax today should be one-fifth of our income.  


  1. Does your life with God makes you clearheaded?
  2. Does God have a position for you?
  3. Does God tell you what to do?   

Joseph spends two more years in prison, Joseph is released. From Genesis 41:1-13 commented by ASV and questions

From the pit, through slavery and prison

After the judgement of the two officials, the cupbearer and the chief baker, Joseph suffered two more years in prison. From the youth, Joseph studied on the heavenly university of יהוה, YHWH, YaHaWaH. God molded his personality, from young arrogance to humble righteousness; however, it took about 13 years from the pit through slavery and prison to the palace of Pharaoh and the position as the prime minister of Egypt.

Give credit to

Joseph shaved, changed cloths and went to the palace to take the final exam and receive his titles. Joseph stood before Pharaoh and his officials ready to obey, give credit to, and listen to his awesome God. Now was the time, Joseph was ready to represent God and present him to the world in the presence and to us in the future and predict the personality and the coming of Christ. It seems like the cupbearer’s confession to Pharaoh made the release of Joseph, but behind what happened in the physical, God had full control in the spiritual.

Profitable and completely free

God released Joseph because he now was ready as Gods humble and obedient servant, treating the Egyptians with respect and hard work. Despite all his suffering, Joseph did his best and God gave him insight and wisdom. We can live as Joseph and step into the heavenly university; it is profitable, informative, safe and completely free. How long does this education take? Well with Joseph, it took his youth and additional 13 years, starting with the pit and ending as ruler of the most famous and rich country at the time.

God’s integrity  

Joseph had grown into a spiritual mature person with God’s integrity, he could easily have revenged himself on Potiphar and his wife and had them both executed. However he had learned to discipline himself into the will of God and now his goal was the best for the Egyptians throughout this vast land.


  1. Are you ready to learn from God?
  2. Is this world on your side?
  3. Does God give information about your future?

Joseph interprets the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker, the cupbearer gets his job back, however the baker is hanged. From Genesis 40:1-23 commented by ASV and questions

Could not decide

Pharaoh accuses his cupbearer and his baker for some criminal act, could have been an attempt to poison him. He put them both in prison, maybe he couldn’t decide in which department the poison attempt took place. The prison was in an extension of the house of the captain of the guard, this captain was Potiphar, for whom Joseph served for about 9 years.

God solved the case

Potiphar of course knew what was going in his prison and wanted to know how the two officials behaved, their case was probably under investigation. When Joseph interpreted the two dreams, most likely, the warden also heard of the interpretations and told it to Potiphar, his captain, who then knew that the baker was the guilty one. God solved the case by Joseph.

Do we remember

Pharaoh had the baker hanged and released the cupbearer back to his office. The cupbearer enjoyed being alive and given his old position back, however he forgot all about Joseph left in the dungeon. Do we remember to give thanks to God when something good happens in our life and consider the life of others in front of our own situation?

We don’t know when

Joseph heard of what happened with the two officials when Pharaoh celebrated his birthday, and he knew that the dreams and interpretations came from God. Potiphar meant for Joseph to Roth in this dark pit until he died, however Joseph was confident that he was to be released to fulfill the two dreams he had 13 years earlier, but he didn’t know when.

Questions to consider

  1. What was the reason for Joseph being in prison?
  2. When good things happen in our life, is it common to forget all about it?
  3. What is the most important of living in luxury, or God being with you?

Joseph is put in prison; the warden puts Joseph in charge over all the prisoners. From Genesis 39:19-23 commented by ASV and questions

Keep your integrity untouched

Joseph was highly favored when working for Potiphar about 9 years, now being thrown in prison, still highly favored, YaHaWaH doesn’t rely on circumstances, He is where you are, just keep your integrity untouched.

Executed on the spot

The wife of Potiphar said that Joseph tried to rape her; however, he knew both his wife and Joseph well. Potiphar was the chief executer, if he had believed what his wife told him, he would have executed Joseph on the spot. Joseph had served Potiphar for about 9 years and his master had learned the honesty and integrity of his servant.

Dark hour

Joseph in prison was chained with shackles around his neck and ankles, nevertheless the prison warden noticed the cloud of blessings surrounding Joseph, his awesome God was there affecting everybody he spoke to, and everything he touched and the man in charge was no longer in charge, he gave the leadership over to Joseph. Of course, Joseph noticed what happened and it comforted him in this dark hour.


Joseph spend about four years in that prison, doing his best for all the prisoners there, he was treating them as kings, the dark and gloomy environment didn’t affect his behavior, his integrity was unhurt.

Questions to consider

  1. What does it mean to be highly favored?
  2. What is integrity?
  3. Did Joseph learn anything in the prison?

Joseph works for Potiphar for about 9 years. From Genesis 39:7-18 commented by ASV and questions


Joseph worked for Potiphar for about 9 years, he was in charge over everything Potiphar owned, he even looked after Potiphar’s wife, that she had what she needed. Joseph was in his late twenties; Joseph had a good-looking appearance and Potiphar’s wife desired to sleep with him.

Living two lives

Joseph was of course tempted like other young men would be, however he lived two lives like his ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and his father Israel did. That is also, what we must do to cross through all the temptations existing in the world today, living two lives. Living our physical life on earth being affected by our five senses comes automatic, however, the other life is more difficult, especially if not been giving the necessary teaching of that life in young age.

What you hear

Fortunately, for Joseph, Israel had given him this second life understanding and the faith in his God, that took his youth to build itself up in Joseph’s heart. Faith comes by hearing, and if you hear the Words of God, you are building up your faith in God as Joseph did. However, if what you hear are information and impulses from this world, the faith in this world is what is filling your heart. What is hard to accept is the fact, that the devil is the one running this world with his, not notable or invisible deception?

Daily or once a week

Many Christians receive Jesus in their heart, and they are determined to follow Him, however in their daily life they are basically listening to and considering this world’s information on daily basis going to church once a week.

Not a game

These two sources of influence divide their heart between this second life with Jesus and the first life with the devil. In their heart there is a fight, a war, the one side, is to follow what Jesus is saying. The other force is to follow the devil; the question is who wins the battle? The answer is obvious, Jesus talks to you once a week, the devil persuades you six days a week, for the devil, the master of deception, to win your attention is a piece of cake or a walk in the park. You lose as in computer games, but this is not a game, what is a stake is your destiny, forever in heaven or forever in hell.

Two lives; things of God or things of man

For Joseph and for you there was and is only one option; it is to be with Jesus every day, crucifying your flesh until it becomes a habit knowing the tactic of the devil, as Jesus did when he recognized Satan behind the words that Peter spoke persuading Him to take the easy way avoiding the cross. Jesus turned to Peter and said. “Get behind MeSatan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on things of God, but on things of man.” by these words, Jesus is revealing Satan’s tactic and method; he is playing on the things of man, which is man’s weaknesses, his flesh, that is, his five senses.


  1. What do you need to do in order to believe the Bible?
  2. Why do we “fall asleep” when reading the bible?

Joseph works for Potiphar, from Genesis 39:1-6 commented by ASV and questions

Midianites, Egypt and Potiphar

Israel raised Joseph and Benjamin differently from the rest of his brothers, they were sons of his loving wife, Rachel, and they knew and believed in his father’s God. Joseph, now in Egypt relied on YaHaWaH, in everything he did and patiently waited on God to act. Joseph like Mary the mother of Jesus was highly favored. Joseph was highly favored when in the pit, when sold as a slave to the Midianites, when sold to Potiphar the Egyptian and when prosperous working for him.

Heavenly precision

As Joseph, you are also highly favored when believing in Jesus, even in trouble, when lacking money, when people slander you, when facing injustice, you are highly favored, don’t bother repaying the bad done to you; God will handle it with heavenly precision.  God’s blessing surrounding Joseph was so obvious and his integrity so prominent in what he did, that Potiphar left everything in Joseph’s hands except the food he ate.


  1. Is God’s way your way?
  2. Are you highly favored?

Judah went to sheep sharing at Timna, Tamar acts as a prostitute, Tamar gets pregnant and gives birth to Zerah and Perez. From Genesis 38:13-30 commented by ASV and questions

Executed by burning

After the mourning for the death of his wife, Judah went to the sheep sharing at Timna, Tamar heard of it and knew that Judah had to pass through where she lived. She dressed like a Temple prostitute with a veil. When Judah came, he saw “the Temple prostitute” and went into to Tamar not recognising her. Tamar conceived and three-month pregnant Judah heard of it and ordered her to be executed by burning, as was the custom at that time for wives being unfaithful.

Heavenly knock out

However, Judah had promised “the temple prostitute” a goat as payment for sleeping with her and had to give his seal, cord, and his staff as pledge to assure the payment. When Tamar is being brought out to be burned she sent the pledge she had been given to Judah her father in law with a message saying: “I am with child by the man to whom these articles belong to, Please examine and see to whom these things belong, the seal and the cord and staff.” This message from his nice daughter in law must have hit him as a heavenly knock out that opened his eyes and heart. In addition, he in a twinkle of an eye, saw clearly, his mistake leaving his father and his people, and he said, “She has been more righteous than I, because I did not give her to my son Shelah.”

According to the custom

As a child of YaHaWaH Judah knew that deceiving people was against Gods law, he had deceived Tamar promising her his son Shelah, now Judah admitted it by saying, “She has been more righteous than I” Judah was back on track with his awesome God, he was a changed person. Tamar having a son with her father in Law was also according to the custom at that time, giving the father in law the responsibility to carry the family line on.


Tamar had twins, Perez and Zerah, Zerah was the first-born, Perez however became the one to carry the seed line on to Christ.


  1. Are young people smarter than older people?
  2. Did women have any rights in the times of The Old Testament?

Judah leaves and meets Hirah, marries Bat Shua and has Er, Onan and Shelah with her. From Genesis 38:1-12 commented by ASV and questions

God’s protection

Israel the father of Judah lived a moral life according to the standards of YaHaWaH, his awesome God that had protected him through difficult times at Haran in the hands of Laban the manipulator, through the meeting with his brother and his 400 soldiers. God Also held His hand over him when Simeon and Levi killed the entire male citizens in Shechem and made the surrounding tribes Israel’s enemies.

Pleasing the body

To live their lives like Israel demanded was in strict contrast to the life of the Canaanites surrounding them. Israel’s life with his God was based on the love of YaHaWaH influenced from His Holy Spirit and didn’t satisfy the five senses of the body as the Canaanites did. The spiritual life is always fighting against pleasing your body, your senses.

Bat Shua and her three children

One day Judah, the son of Israel and Leah had enough of it, he just left North West, stopped in the town of Adullam, and found a friend there, Hirah the Adullamite. After a while, he took a Canaanite wife, the daughter of Shua, Bat Shua, and had three children with her, Er, Onan and Shelah. Judah a Sheppard worked all day to keep the flock and herd as was normal. This left his three children in the hands of his Canaanite wife, she raised them and thought them how to live their lives and what to believe in, she of course thought them of the Canaanite culture.

The teaching of Er, Onan and Shelah

What did Er, Onan and Shelah learn? The Canaanites believed in many gods and every one of these gods, demons, was violent and did grotesque things to each other and to their family. These gods were in constant fight and war, molesting and doing things so terrible, that hearing of it makes you sick. These stories are being influenced of the devil, involving killing, stealing and destroying.

The Canaanites

The Canaanites wanted to please their gods and live like them, this was the teaching given of Judah’s wife and her family to his three boys. They grew up becoming evil as the rest of the Canaanites. The Canaanite people were an extremely violent people involved in and promoting idolatry, gang rape, bestiality, child sacrifice, temple prostitution and many other evil and grotesque practices.

God killed him

When Er was ready to marry, Judah piqued a wife for him, a nice girl named Tamar. When Judah married Bat Shuah, no one piqued her for him, he did it himself, may be being helped by his friend Hirah a Canaanite. It was obviously a mistake, and Judah learned from it and this time he didn’t leave it to Er to find a wife for himself. Er was an extremely evil person and seen from Tamar’s point of view the marriage was a disaster. Er was Judah’s first born and selected to be a part of God’s people, however his evil behaviour sent a terrible signal to the outside world and God just killed him.


Now the custom was that the next in line should marry the widow and have child in the name of Er the deceased. Onan, the next in line went into Hagar and slept with her, but spilled the semen on the ground, Onan didn’t want a child with Tamar, the question is why. When Er lived, as the first borne he had the right to a double portion of the inheritance; they were three sons, so the inheritance was divided in four, two fourth for Er and one fourth for the two others.

He killed him too

When Er had died, suddenly Onan was the firstborn and entitled to a double portion, this time the inheritance being divided in three parts, 2 third to Onan and one third to Shelah. If Onan had a child with Tamar, the son would take Er’s place and be entitled to a double portion and then Onan would drop down to one fourth as he had before, it is a huge difference from 2 third and one fourth. It was simple math and Onan didn’t want to lose all that value. Onan thought he was smart, but God didn’t like it and killed him too. Now Judah had only one son left, Shelah, but at that time he was too young to marry, and Judah told Tamar to go to her family and live there until Shelah was old enough.

Married between 12 and 15

Now Bat Shuah died also. At that time the custom was to marry young, the girls could have between 12 and 15, and Bat shuah could have been about 35 when she died.


  1. Do you see the love of God in this text?
  2. Are the parents responsible for what their children learn or is it the society?
  3. Is it difficult to raise children today?
  4. Do we need God’s help in raising children?