ASV notes on Genesis 11:31-32 and questions

רוח הקודש


Seems like Haran the older brother of Abraham (Abram) was a lot older than Nahor and Abraham and had daughters that Nahor could marry. Haran died in Ur of the Chaldeans and the rest of the family decided to move North West to the land of Canaan.


They went along the trade route with caravans carrying goods to trade in other cities. Along with this rout, there were towns/cities they could stay in and buy what they needed. It was a long journey, but they had a lot of cattle and flocks so this was their way of living moving from place to place finding food for their animals.


After a long time, probably years, they arrived in Haran and decided to stay there. My opinion is that the place they stopped and stayed in was fertile with lots of water and provision and they named the place Haran after their late brother. There Terah died at the age of 205 and Abraham and his wife was ready to continue further west to the land of Canaan.


  1. Why did they marry within their own family?
  2. How can we live in the promises of God?


ASV notes on Genesis 10:5-14 and questions to consider

שלום חברי רוח הקודש


Looks to me that every country has its people and language, being build up by families. A nation has its personality characterized by certain people, language and togetherness in groups and the building material that keeps everything solid and in balance is the family.


What is a family; child/children and someone looking after them, father and child/children, mother and child/children, but the most common constellation is father and mother looking after, caring for their child or children. Strong families mean strong countries.  


The descendants of Ham one of the sons of Noah; From Mizraim came the Egyptians, from Casluhim the son of Mizraim came the Philistines. And from Cush, one of the sons of Ham came Nimrod, a mighty king that ruled over Assyria and built several cities among them the great city of Nineveh.

Questions to consider

  1. What makes a country strong?
  2. How would you describe a family?
  3. Has a country it’s own personality?

ASV notes on Genesis 10:15-23 and 32 and questions

The Curse

Noah cursed his grandson Canaan the son of Ham whose sons populated the territory from Sidon in Lebanon as far as Gaza, this area includes the today Israel.


Shem the son of Noah was not the first born, but from him came the Hebrews and also the Syrians. So Shem began the line that leads to Joseph and Mary the “father” and mother of Jesus.

ASV notes on Genesis 10:32

The beginning

After the flood, the life on earth restarted on the top of Mount Ararat where Noah and his family, 8 persons in all, left the wooden box and started to settle. The people on the earth started with Adam and Eve and then restarted with Shem, Ham, and Japheth, That was the beginning and all the population of the world spread from there. The beginning is neither from China nor from Egypt.


  1. Why did Noah curse Canaan?
  2. Where did all begin?

God tells Noah and his family to be fruitful and multiply, Every moving thing is food for man, God comunicates with the blood. From Genesis 9:1-5 commented by ASV and questions


God blessed Noah and his family and told them to be fruitful and multiply, children are a blessing in all countries on earth, we should look after them and give them education and protection.


In verse 3 God gives the man every moving thing to be food for him; this did now change from vegetables to meat. Man can eat all kind of meat, but without the blood in it.


In verse 5 it seems like God communicates with the blood in all living and man and the animal must answer for all blood that is taken. The world might not find the murderer and sentence him, but God has already done it.

Death sentence

This verse 5 makes dead sentence right and legal. But it has to be investigated if the taken of blood was intentional or not. God’s motive for the death sentence is surprising and not commonly known.

Blood speaks

God made man in His image, and when murder is committed, someone like God is killed. We are of God’s spirit and the spirits are communicating with each other, blood speaks to blood.


The reason for the death sentence is that God created man in His image and that image is connected to God, no man is left on his own.


Again I will say and make it clear, to have children is a blessing, the circumstances do not matter, we have to respect the newborn life as a blessing and look after the child created in the image of God. God is good and able, in him is the provision for all.


  1. Does the child belong to its parents?
  2. Does God know what’s going on?
  3. Is pregnancy a blessing?

ASV notes on Genesis 9:20-21, 26 and questions


We are all born sinners, the sin is there for the devil to exploit and affect our way of thinking. We need to keep our mind on God, not now and then, but every day, all day. You cannot be serious, yes I am serious, I am dead serious, the life with Jesus is a walk, Jesus in your life is walking on the narrow road, you have to keep up, and you cannot resist sinning and the devil on your own, follow Jesus or you are left behind.


Noah wanted a good life, like you and me, and he made wine and drank it to feel even better than only being with God and his family. By doing that he messed up a lot and got his grandson cursed. The life with God is not satisfying your flesh all the time, but the flesh is your enemy, it is against you, God is for you, and with Jesus, you will have a Good life here and now.

ASV notes on Genesis 9:26

No other

Noah was a sinner like you and me, but God made him prophesy for his family, for the future mankind. Can God use sinners? Well He has no other, Noah though being a sinner was obedient to God’s word; he spent about 50 years building a wooden box on inland probably far from water, believing God. Noah walked with God in patience and faith. As God told Cain that the sin is there and crouching at the door, but you must master it. To master the sin God gave us Jesus, who mastered the sin and saved us from it.


  1. Is the devil smarter than you?
  2. How do we master the sin?

ASV notes on Genesis 8:2 and 8:15-17 and questions

שלום חברי

ASV notes on Genesis 8:2


Here it seems like the fountains of the deep also were closed, indicating that there still was water in the centre of the earth.

ASV notes on Genesis 8:15-17

The same

When reading how God watched Noah and his family on top of the water and how God was talking to Noah it is of vital importance to consider that God is the same today as He was in the days of Noah. If He talked to Noah with love and care, He can do the same to you.

In you?

No, now you can say, Noah was of vastly more importance than me, no, he wasn’t, what made Noah important to God, was the fact that God considered Noah righteous and that Noah listened to God and did what He told him. You are treated in the same way, it depends on righteousness, not on Noah, and not on you, but on Jesus, being in you or not.

question to consider

  1. Is God talking to you?
  2. Are you as important to God as Noah was?

ASV notes on Genesis 9:13-17 and questions

The amazing creation


There is a difference between God and science, God made everything and scientists is trying to understand it. Before this time in the history of the world, a rainbow in the sky was never seen, it wasn’t there, but now God made a covenant with all living and the sign appeared as a rainbow in the clouds, and suddenly the rainbow was there to be seen. God is God and He never changes, however science is changing whenever they detect something new in what God made.


What did God promise all living in this covenant, not to destroy all flesh? No, He didn’t, He promised not any more to destroy all flesh with a flood of water.


In verse 16, God said; “I will remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth


This everlasting covenant is not just between God and man, it also includes animals, crawling things and flying creature and all living in the water. Being in nature we should respect all living, for instance, insects, they are so fantastic, and beautiful and effective, God respected them and made this covenant with them. God in the words of Solomon said that the wisdom could be seen in the work and life of ants.


Jesus said that we should look at the birds. When outside, take your time and look at the creation with respect and wonder, God made it all for us to enjoy and care for.


  1. When did the rainbow appear?
  2. What is the difference between God and science?

ASV notes on Genesis 8:20-21 and questions

God knows the human rase


Noah build an altar and offered clean animals and birds to God, Noah loved God in his heart and God felt it and received the offerings and smelled the pleasing aroma. Looks like God was content and promised that He never again will curse the ground because of man.

Cannot change

This looks promising, but then God gives the reason for not cursing the ground anymore; “for the intent of man’s heart is wicked from his youth.” We are borne wicked; we are not borne a mean thief or murderer, however inside we have the seed of a bad criminal.


God confirmed that in man there was no hope of salvation, God considered Noah righteous, however the hope was not in Noah, and it had to come from heaven. You can try to do good, help others, support good works, it does not matter, your heart is wicked from your youth, and every single baby borne on earth is born wicked.


  1. Do you find someone good on earth?
  2. What does it mean to be borne evil?

ASV notes on Genesis 8:22 and questions


Stop existing

This verse carries some secrets about our far future; God is talking about the condition; “While the earth remains.” This is telling us that this physical earth is not going to remain forever. However, there is a spiritual perfect earth and a time will come when seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night will be no more. These future times will be overwhelming and awesome and will last forever. However, in the meantime Jesus will come back and reign for a thousand years with an iron rod.

Time has gone

Those with Jesus will not get tired anymore, no need for sleep, no need to labour for food, no money to worry about, no struggle with your neighbour, the “time” has gone, the past, present and future is in the present with God for ever.


  1. Is the word of God easy to understand?
  2. What do you need to grasp the Word?
  3. Is God caring for you here on earth now?

ASV notes on Genesis 7:1-5 and questions

Without God, you are dead

God cares

Now it was time for action and God gave Noah one week to prepare and fill the box with animals, crawling things and flying creatures. God followed the work of Noah and his family carefully and knew when they were ready to go. Today as well, God knows exactly what is happening on the earth, in details with every human, billions of people, He cares for every single one of us.

Founded on lies

God knows, but He is not running the show, He sent Jesus to earth and now The Holy Spirit is there for you. It is simple, you just ask Jesus into your life, Romans 10:9-13, and you are on the heavenly track on earth, your life is filled with blessings and hope instead of gloom and death founded on lies.

Walking dead

Verse 5; “So Noah did all that the LORD commanded him.” When God gives a command, the ability to do it, is included by the finger of God. When you are doing something in your own strength, you are your own blessing. Like when you buy a car or a house you are your own assurance, your life on your own is a life in insecurity. We need Jesus, He is a natural part of us, without Him, we are blind and dead, we are the “walking dead” but also blind.


How well does God know you?

Who is god of this world?

How important are the blessings of God?