70% chance of winning or 30% loss. I comment on Genesis 11: 8-9.


Shinar, Euphrates, and Tigris

By giving humans different languages, he scattered them and gave them a chance to fulfill God’s command, namely, to fill the earth. From the unfinished city of Babel amid the vast plain of Shinar, all the people who lived on earth were led out on their journeys to find their land. The flat area, Shinar is between the two rivers, the Euphrates, and the Tigris in present-day Iraq. From this place all those who lived at that time were scattered abroad.

In peace and harmony

For to live in peace and prosperity, it is crucial that people understand each other, we must be able to communicate so that we can accept all the different circumstances that exist around the world. Understanding words and phrases hold people together and prevents misunderstandings. Having schools for children who learn to write and read prepares them for their future life in peace and harmony.

They are lying.

Today, easy ways to make money are promoted, such as betting on all sorts of competitions. Some win, but the ones who win the most are the gaming companies. Everyone player as a whole lose a lot, but what is highlighted are the few who win to make people believe in the losing project. They lie without being able to be lied to, they talk e.g. about 70% wins chance which really means that if you take everyone who plays into account they go with 30% loss.

Be happy with what you have

Playing is a losing project. You also lose over shares over time. Those who earn on stocks are those who stop after earning a share. Or those who are familiar with something that the others do not have, so-called insider trading or those who write about how to get rich on their shares. In the economically complex world, only one law applies, when someone receives money, they have not earned by working, then someone else loses the same money. In the old days, mom and dad said, “be happy with what you have.”

An extra dimension

But all this is difficult to understand and accept, what helps something is education, children must go to school, they must be given an opportunity to understand, not just get a job. But the most important thing about getting an education is to be able to read to understand God’s Word, it gives you an extra dimension to understand what is going on in the world at any given time.


The most important thing about word comprehension is access to God through the Bible. Leading a people without schools for all is a crime against God’s intention to create man.

Fulfil your innermost desires.

Seek Jesus the Son of God, he makes sure you get what is best for you, he can put your personal puzzle pieces together into a harmonious image in the present and future to fulfill your innermost desires that are buried deep in your heart.

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