Globalism without borders. Genesis 11: 6-7

Spirit of the devil

Back in old times, God said that all humans on earth were one people, why did He say that what was significant of being one people? Well, they had the same language, but they also had the same mindset and way of acting, they were functional together, Is/was this good or bad? If God had been their leader it would have been good, however God was not their leader, they did not listen to Him, they elected leaders, kings and listen to them, actually they listen to the spirit of this world, which is the spirit of the devil.

Gold and diamonds and online all the time

There are only two spiritual forces, God’s Spirit, and the spirit of evil, the devil. God wanted them to spread throughout the whole earth to benefit from everything He had put there, like rivers, soil, forests, lakes, mountains, all kind of minerals like gold and diamonds. However, Nimrod and all the others at Babel did not know the earth and all the treasures hidden there and decided to stay in one big city. We do not know a lot either, we have not got the knowledge to conclude correctly, we need help from someone that knows everything. God is telling us in His Book to ask His Son who knows everything and who loves you. He wants to help you; He is a spiritual library of knowledge and wisdom and is online all the time.

Wide highway

The authorities and the media people are using this media to indoctrinate people all over the world and denying others to use the same opportunities to give their opinion. This causes many to stop thinking on their own and follow the few. This happens today, large unions have frequent meetings with automatic translation. Today the cities are getting bigger and the unions are stronger, and they are fighting for a “good life” without the true God. They are sliding into the wide and fast highways which looks promising but leads to disaster. The leaders are telling you that everything goes well and will be better and they are repeating it so many times that they themselves and many people believes it. The truth is the opposite, everything goes bad and will get worse.


Without God we do the best we can, but the pieces of the puzzle are too many for us to put the picture together and make the right decisions. It is not just what we decide that matters, but also when we should do things, the timing. God knows everyone and what is and what is to come. In the time of the Tower of Babel, all spoke the same language and could cooperate.

Everyone is looking for the Tower of Babel.

Today we see how the world’s leadership is trying to achieve the same thing, a world without borders, with a common goal, it is called globalism. They believe that the world should be like one big city, centralized with large town halls, large hospitals, large police centres and huge shopping malls so far from the coast or the countryside that everyone eventually seeks the “Tower of Babel” to enjoy it all.

You can jump on and off as you like.

Maybe you want to get off the global train, is it possible? no not of this world, all the exits are blocked, you cannot get off, the centralized society controls your choices. But there must be a possibility, yes there is one, but only one, He who stood up for all and paid the price and was hanged on a tree to the curse and sins of all. You can move the kingdom of God onto the train and have the miracle happens, then you can jump on and off as you please. In the kingdom of God, you are free if you know the truth. The truth does not set you free, only if you know it, or more properly Him.

The exit

“Jesus come into my life, I know I’m doing a lot wrong, forgive me and lead me on your path and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.”

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