Human sense or the wisdom of God. I comment on Genesis 11: 26-30

A magnificent commercial metropolis

What does Ur in Chaldea tell us, the city that Abraham, or then Abram, grew up in. One of the ancient cities that is most documented through archaeological excavations. In my opinion, this wonderful city shows us that humans have not evolved for the better, either intellectually or physically. Adam and Eve brought sin into the world and since then everything has degenerated, including our brain. Ur was a magnificent commercial metropolis with vibrant life and culture of many varieties.

The Nilgiri hills

Today this is difficult to understand, because the excavations are located far inland in Iraq in a desert far from the waters of the Persian Gulf and the mouth of the Euphrates and Tigris. But the skin deceives, the Persian Gulf has during all these thousands of years retreated further south, where it ends today in Kuwait. But in the time of Abraham, Ur lay by the sea and the rivers. It was a busy trading center for both caravans and boats, precious stones have been found that originate all the way from the Nilgiri hills in southern India.

Drainage ditches

The city of Ur had a population of approx. 60,000 and an inner-city center surrounded by a protective city wall many miles long. The houses were well developed with several rooms and often on two floors. The buildings, both residential houses, larger houses, and schools, were usually located around a large square, a square where trade and other things took place. The houses had living rooms and bedrooms, guest rooms and sanitary rooms with drains to the sewer system. Under all the houses in Ur, drainage ditches of approx. 10 meters depth backed up with powerful ceramic rings or small pipes and everything worked like an efficient sewer.

A wonderful temple

The city had schools for the children, but also universities with thorough training in advanced mathematics, grammar, and astrology. The inhabitants of Ur were intelligent and well-educated people. But they had little or no relationship with YHWH, God, they worshiped the moon and other gods and built a magnificent temple in the middle of the inner-city center protected by the mighty city wall.

Terah father of Abraham.

Here Abraham, then Abram, grew up and received his education. Abraham married Sarai; whose name God later changed to Sarah. Nahor Abraham’s brother married Milcah, a daughter of Haran. Haran had two daughters, Milcah and Iska. Nothing is said about Sarah’s mother or Abraham’s mother, but later we learn that Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister. Abraham was first named Abram; God later changed the name to Abraham. Abraham had two brothers, Nahor and Haran, Haran was the firstborn, and he died in Ur, the hometown of the Terah family of Abraham.

Earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunamis

But even though the UR residents were intelligent and well educated, they lacked wisdom and love. Wisdom comes from God and love first came to the people through Jesus Christ. This is also the case today; without God the countries and the world are governed by human understanding and education leading to one catastrophe after another. Accept Jesus and gain wisdom and power. But you can say the disasters will still come in the form of earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunamis. No, not for you if you are in hands of Jesus. On the Sea of ​​Galilee, He calmed the storm and the waves as big as houses. And his disciples were completely shocked and realized that they did not know who their friend was, they said: who is this that both wind and sea obey. Jesus by your faith protects you, heals you, gives you wisdom and love in your heart.

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