Leaving the highway

Leaving the highway

Jesus said;

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat”.

To the end of the line.

Hi friend, there is a way out in wilderness, there is a light in darkness, there is hope in hopelessness, there is strength in weakness. If you cannot take anymore, if you cannot strive more. What to do, what to say, just say it, “I have come to the end of the line, there is nothing more I can do, I need help, I need a strong hand God, I need good ideas, God, please help me out of this mire, help quick I am sinking help me.”

Everything is fine

However, if you are well off with work, family, and friends you are in the same mess cruising on the highway, the broad road leading to catastrophe. The difference between you and the one crying for help is that you don’t know you have to leave this highway cruising in high speed, you are ignorant of the danger ahead. Even if you are not aware of the danger it is still there waiting to destroy you. 

I am the way

Long ago I drove to a church to listen to preaching and felt so helpless that I screamed in the car for help, I shouted for about 20 minutes until the end of the drive. What did I scream about, I don’t remember, however God listen and gave me a way out? Jesus came to earth and said “I am the way”

The news left media long ago

The world today is terrible, we are fed by news from the media like what they want us to know, it is not the truth, it is according to their plan, their plan is to take away from you the law, order and discipline, they have an agenda. They don’t look for facts they look for what pleases their objectives. They are running every media, every channel that feed people with information. It is not news; news left the media long ago.

Who are they?

So, the question is who are they? and what make them so united, how is it possible that you find the same terrible actions all over the world. When they tear down statues, they tear them down everywhere. They don’t look for justice, they look for killing, destroying, steeling and violence. They are not building up, they are tearing down, they are not helping, however making it look like they are.

The world is turning worse not better

In this world you need hope, something good, from this world there is no hope only illusions. One crises after another, Corona and Climate, about the Corona we can do something with vaccines, however about the climate change we can do nothing, it will change in spite of what we do, is there any solution, no there is no solution by man or in this world, nothing can stop the disaster from happening, it is going to come. The darkness is getting darker and darker.


However, If you are in Jesus and Jesus in you, it is possible to be happy in this world were the lie becomes the truth and right is wrong and injustice is in every courtroom. The world is not going to be a better place, but worse every day until hell breaks loose on this planet. However, in Jesus you can be of good cheer, your home is not here. Jesus went ahead and made a room for you in heaven. When this world gets more terrible day by day the redemption is coming closer, rejoice for Jesus has overcome this world and one day He will come and take you home.

Spiritual resistance

Back to the question who are they that orchestrate all this havoc, riots and protests. They are the leaders, the mayors, the presidents, the boards around the world. The meetings get more frequent, the tables get more expensive and glamorous and the agenda more global and fantastic however, not achievable, and the participants are Getting fatter and richer, the speeches getting longer and the words bigger and bigger. However how can they act so united all over the planet at the same time. The truth is, they are led by the prince of this world, who has blinded them, it is a spiritual force leading all the leaders to the downfall of everything, cities, banks, infrastructure, transportation and producing lawlessness. Filling the prisons with innocent people, because this spiritual leader has a doctrine of destruction by which he is filling the mind of all the leaders in the world, except those who have a spiritual resistance and open eyes to see the fraud and deception.   

Are you looking for a departure to leave this highway of deception, just look for the takeoff Jesus Christ, it is a narrow takeoff but peaceful and joy-able, He knows you and are waiting for you to come, and many real friends are waiting too.