How old is the earth? Genesis 11: 1-4.

God’s order

In Genesis 9: 1, God gave Shem, Ham, and Japheth this order; Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth! “God said, ‘Fill the earth.’ But here in these verses we can see that they did not listen to God; they wanted to live in a big city.

The power of a mob

When they started building this city, the intention was to make it as high as possible. What was the reason for that? Yes, they wanted it to be a tall tower that could be seen everywhere. They wanted to find their way back to the city when they fed their flocks far away, they wanted to be together. The great warrior Nimrod probably came up with this idea and gave the order to build a great city towering towards the sky. And how is it today in the big cities, one “tower” higher than the other, yes, I think they have now constructed a building a kilometer straight up. The idea is the same to be seen from afar, so people could flock to the place.

Billions of birds every day

Today, as then, it is the few who lead and the masses who follow. If a group of people agrees and concludes, then it is not necessarily correct because they are many. People today also move to cities to live in small apartments and gradually lose their closeness to nature as a witness of God. Outside, we can experience God’s many miracles. Today there is a great famine in many places, people are starving and not finding enough food, while God feeds billions of birds every day.

Stop killing each other

The truth is that the nature of God is so overwhelming that it is completely incomprehensible when many believe that this has been created by a gradual evolution from a single cell over millions of years. The fact that it takes a long time does not mean development, but degeneration. A metal object that is left for weather and wind rusts and eventually dissolves. Cells in nature without food will die, plants without water will die, they do not develop. People without water also die. No God created everything in six days and the Earth is no more than approx. 6000 years. The earth provides enough food for everyone if we divide and stop killing each other.

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