Jacob departs from his brother Esau, from Genesis 33:8-17 commented by ASV and questions

Two lives

After that Jacob had worked 20 years for Laban, he had learned to live his two lives, the most important one with his awesome God, YaHaWaH, in the spiritual kingdom where God ruled his life and blessed him. Then Jacob also lived his life on earth where he related to Laban who tried to manipulate and cheat him.

Killing, stealing and destroying

During those 20 years with Laban, Jacob learned to relate both to the Spiritual with God and relate to the physical. In our physical world, the devil is the master and is influencing people with his doctrine of killing, stealing and destroying.

King of Seir

Now he met Esau and managed to make him accept the gifts and by this manner, he sealed the friendship between them. However, Esau wanted to be in charge and suggested that they went together to where he was king in the land of Seir. Esau wanted to rule and govern his brother and his huge camp too.

In this world

Jacob managed to slip out of the grip of Esau and his soldiers by his smart way of talking, always calling Esau lord and himself servant. Jacob accepted that he lived in this world, however, he wanted to be alone with his God and live his life according to what He told him.  

180 degrees

Jacob promised Esau to later meet him in Seir, however when Esau had left, Jacob turned 180 degrees and crossed the Jabok river for the second time, now towards north, to a place he called Succoth, meaning booths. There with his camp he rested for a while, building a house and shelters.


  1. What came first, the spiritual or the physical?
  2. In what “room” are you living?
  3. What is our problem with the spiritual “room”?
  4. In our lives, is there a fight going on between the Spiritual and the physical?

ASV notes on Genesis 24:55-61 and questions

Witnesses and blessings

Own ideas

Rebekah’s mother and her brother Laban had their own ideas and plans and said; “Let the girl stay with us a few days—at least ten; then she may go” why did they say that, we can only speculate, may be that they wanted Eliezer to give them more of the treasures they knew he had.

Power of Witnesses

However, some of the family or all the family were also present and Eliezer replied; “Do not delay me, since the LORD has prospered my way. Send me away, so that I may go back to my master”. Eliezer reminded them that this was the work of God, YAHAWAH, the God, which name they all, knew. In addition, all the family of Nahor and Milcah had witnessed that Bethuel and Laban had promised to send Rebekah with Eliezer to become the wife of Isaac the son of Abraham.

The power of the Spirit

Laban was crafty and smart and with his mother he played his last card, they said; “We will call the girl and ask her what she prefers.” So they called Rebekah and said, “Will you go with this man.”  However Eliezer, trusting in God made the Spirit of God again take over and the girl said; “I will go” the girl was given to Eliezer and they started loading the camels and gave Rebekah’s  maid to go with her. 


Then the family blessed Rebekah and said; “May you, our sister,
Become thousands of ten thousands,
And may your descendants possess The gate of those who hate them

Children is a resource, they are a blessing and abortion is not only killing babies, it kills the blessing too

The blessings at that time meant having many children that also could have many children, children was the same as wealth, but also security for the old people in the family. The environment was hostile and you needed soldiers as defense, all male family members were being trained to defend themselves, their family and their territory. Blessings were also to grow into a strong army, “to possess the gate of their enemies.” The same goes for today, strong families means many children that keep together in teaching, helping and defending those who are in need, being there for each other.


  1. Do you know what the Bible says about abortion?
  2. What made Rebekah go with Eliezer?
  3. Do many children lead to poverty?
  4. Who should pick your partner in life?