From whom do Israel and the Jews come from? Genesis 10: 15-23

The genealogy lines

Noah cursed his grandson Canaan, son of Ham. The sons of Canaan populated the territory from Sidon in Lebanon as far as Gaza, this area today includes all modern Israel. Shem, Noah’s son, was not the firstborn, but from him came the Hebrews, Israel, the Jews, and the Syrians. From Shem came the genealogy lines that led to Joseph and Mary, the father and mother of Jesus.

Choose Jesus

God had a plan to take back power from the devil, only a human could do it because God had given humans all the authority over the earth that them in turn gave it to the devil. From Shem came Jesus, born of Mary made fertile by the Holy Spirit to save all people their sins. But there is no compulsion, man has his own free will, however, God gave us His Divine counsel in Deuteronomy. “Today I put before you, life, and death, choose life.” Today Jesus is put before you. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. The counsel of God is “choose Jesus.”

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