The unborn. My comments on Genesis chapter 9 and verse 7



Be fruitful and multiply. Increase abundantly in the earth, and multiply in it.”

The unborn

Again, I want to say and make it clear that having children is a blessing, circumstances do not matter, we must respect the unborn life as an independent individual and take care of the child created in the image of God. From birth, the unborn child is a human being with its own DNA. We have no right to kill it. The mother does not own her child but is obliged to look after and protect God’s holy property.

Dear pregnant mother

God can put all the pieces of the puzzle in your life together into a perfect picture. God is good and capable, in him is all we need. A mother who takes care of and gives birth to a child, God will bless with all the best, just accept the new life with thanksgiving. Dear pregnant mother, you who are carrying the unborn child let no one convince you that the circumstances are ruining your future life, thank God and He will make everything prosper for you, only be patient.

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