Where do the Egyptians and the Philistines come from? I comment on Genesis 10: 6-14


One of Noah’s children Ham had a son named Mizraim, from him came the Egyptians, Mizraim is the Hebrew name for Egypt. Mizraim got Casluhim, from him came the Philistines who are in Gaza today. And from Cush, one of his sons came Nimrod, the mighty king, who ruled over Assyria, and built several cities, among them the great city of Nineveh.

Be fertile and fill the earth

Nimrod also gathered all the people on a great plain in Shinar. Nimrod was a ruler and tyrant and most likely commanded the construction of the Tower of Babel as a demonstration against God’s word that humans should be fruitful and fill the earth. At that time, everyone spoke one language so that they could cooperate.

Where God is not seen

Those who lived on earth at that time were either nomads, artisans, teachers, servants, or soldiers. Those who travelled far away were the soldiers and nomads with their flocks, and a large tower could be seen from afar so that everyone found their way back to the city, Babel. Nimrod wanted to make the whole world urban, gain full control over everyone, packed together in a huge city. This is a bit like what is happening in the world today, more and more people are leaving the country for the big cities where God is not seen and in Norway, we centralize everything we can.

From flowers

Once in Norway, milk cartons with flowers were produced. A survey showed that the children thought the milk came from flowers. In nature you can find thousands of proofs that God exists and has created everything, and that God is a super-intelligent and creative God who has a unique plan for you, He is the only one who knows you, even better than yourself.

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