The age of the wrath of God.

Completely incomprehensible

This is a preface to the last book in the Bible, Revelation, I do not understand why it is called Revelation, because in the first verse John calls the book the Revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave to Jesus and Jesus by an angel passed it on to John on the island of Patmos. And even more incomprehensible is that the Norwegian translations call the book the revelation of John, something I have not found in any other country, but I have not read them all. John had no revelation, he was an obedient born-again Christian “secretary” filled with the Holy Spirit who wrote down what he saw when he was in the spirit, in the world of Jesus. Then John sent the book to the seven churches in Asia Minor. This preface is followed by my comments on the Book of Revelation.

Get caught up at the same moment

We are entering a new age marked by the judgment of God’s wrath. After the great flood when the world’s population began again, God said that man is evil from the beginning. There are no good people all are born evil. All political statements have a vicious hidden agenda. The people who are “good” are ruled by God through the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that those who believe in Jesus in their hearts and are filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God will be caught up and into heaven suddenly and all at once.

The Holocaust was nothing

The Holy Spirit also follows and leaves this earth and then the evil of the devil can flow freely. The one who held hell back from taking over the earth is now gone, and indescribable atrocities can unfold. The Holocaust was bad, where 6 million Jews lost their lives, as many as the entire population of Norway. It was awful and impossible for those who did not experience the war, me included, to take it upon themselves. But from the last book of the Bible, Revelation, I can say that the Holocaust was nothing compared to what will come in the age of God’s wrath.

Hits all people

During World War II, it was the horrors of mankind that prevailed, but what is coming now is the wrath of God, God has had enough of injustice and persecution of his holy people. The wrath of God cannot be compared to the wrath of men. There is only one salvation from the wrath and that is the name of Jesus, the only name that can save people and place their abode in Heaven with God. The rapture of the saved takes place before the terrible events begins the devil’s persecution of all people and the judgments of the wrath of God. Receiving Jesus’ salvation is the only way to avoid this cruel hell that will strike in all directions and hit all the people who are then on earth.

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