Have you done someone wrong?

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

You have to repent

What if you have done someone wrong, what to do? Jesus died for your sins, does he accept that you hurt or molest people, no, you have no license to sin, and that is not what Jesus gave you, suffering for you on the cross. What he did was forgiving you being a sinner, He changed your heart, your spirit that is your center, but he didn’t change your mind, your way of thinking. That’s the reason Jesus says we have to repent, change your environment that influences your reasoning.

you feel the presence of God

Stop receiving ideas from the devil and begin your travel in the powerful Words of God. The gate is straight and the path narrow, to change your mind takes time, patience, effort, and faith. It is an everyday crucifying of your flesh with its five senses, it is heavy in the beginning, however when the mind starts working properly according to the Words of Jesus, the body surrender and the life gets better in the glory of God and your soul is responding to The Holy Spirit, you feel the presence of God.