The climate changes

Can do nothing about it

Refugee camps to cities

They call it the climate change, and it is true the climate is changing, insects are dying in millions, birds are falling down from heaven, fish is floating up dead in thousands, elephants just tip over dead. Today, in 2020 we live in a dying age, it is not just the climates that are changing, everything undergoes a negative development and the humans can do nothing about it. My advice to the governments and world organisations is save your money and spend it on cleaning the land and see for plastic, clean the air in big cities, change the refugee camps to cities and give them clean water, sufficient sewerage, and all the infrastructure like in other cities. And ladies and gentlemen support the poor and give them a decent life, it will help them a lot, and your conscience a little bit.

Your salvation

Would you like to meet Jesus? if yes you can just ask Him into your heart like this; “Jesus Christ, come into my heart and take over as lord in my life I recognize being a sinner, save me Jesus from the prison of sin, guide me and give me The Holy Spirit.” In the letter to the Romans chapter 10 verses 9-13 you will find some words from the Bible to anchor your salvation. You do not need a pastor or a priest to get saved, hope to see you in heaven.

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