Does anyone know where the wind is coming from..

They get paid anyway

The wind blows across the road, we see streaks of snow, we know that the snow is coming from above, but where does the wind come from and where is it going? It is the wind that brings us the weather, good or bad, dry, or wet, cold, or hot. Everything that comes, where does it come from, or where is it going. We have no idea, the meteorologists try and sometimes they guess correctly, however when they make mistakes, they just correct them and do as nothing, they get paid anyway.

Food on the table

People are happy or angry, but where does the joy or anger come from, some are afraid others are safe, some are kind, others are naughty, but where does it all come from. We really do not understand anything. Some people study and get proof that they know something and have the right to say this and that. Others just read and read and know a lot, but who cares, they have not studied, they have not become anything so why listen to them. Is knowledge the same as wisdom, is goodness the same as being smart. Brings laughter and joy and cheerfulness food to the table. Is there anyone who can explain all this to us or is it all lost in the mist of reason, television, streaming and apps.