שלום חברי

Welcome to my blog containing notes on the Bible.

I have been with Jesus since 1988 and have studied the Bible online about 5 years, have read Christian books and the Bible during those 30 years since I met Jesus and am depending on The Holy Spirit to guide me in making my notes on The Word of God. My prayer to God is that many; many will find my blog and read the notes.

The notes are based on the Amplified translation and start with the beginning, the Genesis and go all the way through to the twenty-second chapter of the Revelation. All the chapters in the Bible will be commented.

I hope you will find the notes helpful when you read them alongside the Bible, and please feel free to comment.

My opinion of what the Bible is;

It is God’s spiritual words revealing to you who He is through stories about people like Abraham and his descendants. A spiritual love-letter, written by God’s prophets fulfilled by Jesus and addressed to you. This love-letter is coded, but can, however, be decoded by The Holy Spirit. 

God bless you, your family and friends.