Are all people from Armenia, China, or Egypt? Genesis 10:32

Garden of Eden

After the flood, life on earth began again, how would it go this time, would they cope with the wrath of God? and where do all people come from? On the top of Mount Ararat Noah and his family, a total of 8 people, left the wooden box, and they established themselves there, 8 people in total. Everything on earth started in the Garden of Eden, which could well have been located near the Ararat area, where the source of the four rivers lay which irrigated the Garden of Eden.

In the heart of Armenia.

Mankind started with Adam and Eve, and then again with Shem, Ham and Japheth, that was the beginning. And the whole world’s population spread from there. The origin is neither from China nor from Egypt, but from the top of Mount Ararat which has previously been described as in the heart of Armenia. In the Old Testament, Ararat was the whole of Eastern Armenia, the Persians called the mountain Ararat for Kuhi Nuh which means the mountain of Noah. Up in the mountains somewhere, the Ark is probably buried in snow and ice, perhaps approx. 5000 meters above sea level.

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