Faith 2

Our faith comes from hearing

Our hopes are reality, but we cannot see them. To know what faith is, is not enough, we nee to obtain it too. To dig further we need more scriptures, Romans 10:16-17; But they did not all pay attention to the good news ; for Isaiah says, “Lord, who has believed our report?  ”So faith comes from hearing , and what is heard comes by the message concerning Christ.”

Look for all the buried secrets

Again there are different steps to take, first we need to pay attention, when we read the Bible it is not like reading a newspaper, we have to look for all the buried secrets there, and paying attention also includes having a praying heart to The Holy Spirit for help and guidance; John 14:26.

The hearing comes by hearing the Word of God

Then we have to listen to the Word, Jesus, they are spirit and they make you come alive on the inside; John 6:63, and they also open up the hearing capacity of your heart; “and what is heard comes by the message” It is easier to see it in The King James version; “and hearing by the word of God.” There you can see more clearly that the hearing comes by hearing the Word of God. Let me remind you of that the Word is not a word, it is a person and it is plural and has a name, Jesus.

All the time

Now when faith is established your prayer according to the Word will be answered all the time because God is good.

To meet Jesus

To meet Jesus is easy, just admit you are a sinner and call aut his name for help, He them will help you, and ask Him also to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Easy, now you are ready to fly by the Book of God.