Standing on the platform when the train leaves. I comment on Genesis 9: 20-21.

Born sinners or will we eventually be?

Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. We are all born sinners, sin is there, and the devil uses it to deceive us and indoctrinate our way of thinking. To keep the devil out, we must concentrate on God’s Word, not every now and then, but every day, all day long. You can not mean that, yes, I do, without Jesus in your thoughts you will be subject to the thoughts of death that lead you on the path of perdition. Life with Jesus is a walk on the narrow path, you must follow where Jesus moves you in your life, without Jesus you cannot resist the temptations of the devil that surrounds you all the time. Watch out, otherwise you will be standing on the platform when the train leaves like the five virgins that had no oil or tickets when the train left.

The flesh

Noah wanted a good life, as we do, so what do you do when life gets a little monotonous and boring. Noah found the solution; he planted his own vineyard and brewed Noah’s wine, and an evening when the sky was red and beautiful at sunset it was time to taste the wine which tasted excellent. And he tasted and tasted. In the same way that people today are also tempted to drink too much, Noah got drunk and, in his tent, he undressed, but fell asleep before he put on nightwear and lay naked in the tent. This led to his grandson coming under God’s curse. Life with God does not satisfy the flesh all the time, your flesh is your enemy, it is against you, However, God is for you and with Jesus you will overcome the temptations of the flesh and will have a good life here and now.

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