Can God use sinners. I comment on Genesis 9:26.

Scripture: 26 He said, “Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Shem.
    Let Canaan be his servant

Noah prophesies here that in the future the Canaanites will have to be enslaved by the descendants of Shem which includes Israel.

Can God use sinners, well he has no other

Noah was a sinner like you and me, but God made him prophesy for his family, for future humanity. Can God use sinners? Well, he has no other, Noah, even though he was a sinner was obedient to the word of God; he spent about 50 years building a wooden box inland far from water. He believed God had a plan. Noah walked with God in patience and faith. As God said to Cain that sin is there like a lion crouching in front of the door, but you must master it. Cain failed; he killed his brother.

It is you against you

Are we better than Cain? Unlikely, we need help. To overcome sin, God gave us Jesus, who overcame it and saved us from it. Sin is not a problem in this world, not criminals, liars, deceivers, unfaithful spouses or other injustices, no sin is in you, Jesus came to save you from yourself. The situation is quite simple, it is you against you, however you do not know it. Jesus can open your eyes and give you peace. “Jesus help me

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