Jacob meets Esau, from Genesis 33:1-7 commented by ASV and questions

Two rooms

Jacob approached Esau in two rooms, the Spiritual and the physical. In the heavenly kingdom, in the spiritual world with God, Jacob knew that God protected him with angles, and had blessed him.

The local King

However, In the world that Jacob experienced with his five senses he saw Esau approach him with a company of 400 soldiers. Jacob felt safe and afraid at the same time. In the physical world, he accepted that Esau was the local king and Jacob honored him by his approach, bowing seven times to the ground, and the rest of his camp did the same.

God’s finger

Esau however run towards his brother and kissed him, and Jacob thought his tactics had worked. By being smart, you can influence people superficially, but you cannot touch their heart. God had turned Esau’s hate into love; Esau now loved his homecoming brother after that they were being separated for 20 years.

Poor and needed help

Esau probably was happy with the huge gift the Jacob had presented to him, but he said that he had plenty and did not need these flocks. In Esau’s thinking may be Jacob thought that his brother was poor and needed a little help, may be Esau felt that these animals given to him was an insult thinking that he had not been able to grow his own flocks and acquire servants.


  1. Do you understand that God is Spirit?
  2. Do you acknowledge that the real world is spiritual?
  3. Who is running this world?
  4. Who has blinded this world?

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