Why not Las Vegas.

Yes, just you

Why live a boring life with Jesus when “Las Vegas” is waiting for you with its exiting life? This is a myth that is not true at all. Jesus sets you free from the compulsion of sin. The city of sin, Las Vegas, on the other hand, pushes you deeper and deeper into the dungeon of sin until you cannot find the way out. This world lies in darkness and only gets darker until it collapses over you and suffocates all reason.

God’s glory

However, the true light is there all the time for you to install Him to illuminate the world, who me? yes just you. Pray the light in and He will dwell in you and shine by you with his radiating words. And instead of lies and unrest, God’s glory, peace, and reconciliation will follow you. The Word is in Your mouth, just ask Jesus in.

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