The nine sons of Jacob come back from Egypt. Jacob denies sending Benjamin with his brothers to Egypt once more. From Genesis 42:29-38 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

To lose more sons

When the nine sons of Israel came back after being away for about two months, they told their father everything that happened to them in Egypt and that they had to return with their younger brother Benjamin to have Simeon released. However, Israel denied them going back, he warried to lose more sons, especially Benjamin, who reminded him of Rachel and Joseph.

Got worse and lasted

In verse 36 Israel accuses these nine sons of causing the loss of Joseph and Simeon. Whether he knew the truth of what happened to Joseph, we don’t know, but I believe that in his heart he knew.  Israel felt heavy distress and probably hoped for the famine to be gone soon. The famine however got worse and lasted.

Question to consider

  1. When believing in Jesus, do you think we have an inner feeling about what is the truth?
  2. When do you seek and believe God the most, in bad times or in good times?

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