Benjamin goes with his brothers to Egypt and they dine with Joseph. From Genesis 43:1-34 commented by ASV and questions

אל שדי

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

Benjamin would die too

Israel didn’t allow his sons to take with them Benjamin and the sons didn’t dare to arrive at Egypt without him. Israel hoped for the famine to end, however the famine kept on, and if they had no more food they would die, and Benjamin too. Finally, Israel allowed them to go with his younger son. They went and met Joseph and ate with him.

They had changed

At the table, Joseph gave Benjamin more food than he did give the others, he wanted to see if his half-brothers envied Benjamin, however their behavior proved that they had changed. For Joseph to meet his younger brother Benjamin was emotional, when they sold Joseph as slave Benjamin was only two years old, now he was a grown-up man, about 25.

Staying together

God does not punish us but allowing us to go through events in life to grow into the person He wants us to be.  Whatever happens, in his hands, we are highly favored, and in Jesus, the narrow road leads us into the will of God. However, God never makes us sick or causes death. Joseph had changed, his brothers had changed, and Benjamin had grown. YHWH had prepared his people for the move to Egypt, staying together as one nation. 


  1. Does God give up on you?
  2. What is the difference between faith and hope, how do they work together?
  3. Does the crowd walk the narrow road?
  4. What does it mean to be highly favored?

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