Abraham in Canaan. From Genesis 12:4-5 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

75 and strong

God told Terah and Abraham to go to the land of Canaan, they stopped in Haran and God blessed them there with possessions and servants, Abraham started to become rich and he led a huge flock on their way to Canaan, Abraham was 75 at that time and I think he felt as strong as ever.

It is a person

Even today God blesses people in the same way. However there are conditions to be met and they are real blessings giving both inner peace and material wealth. God knows what you need, it is not things, it is a person, the way to a rich life on earth and a gate to heaven, His name is Jesus, Matthew 6:33

To know the land

Abraham was full of hope and eager to see the land that God promised him, so he didn’t settle down somewhere, and relaxed after this long journey from Haran to Canaan. No, he wanted to see the great land that God had promised him. Abraham traveled through the land as far as Shechem, he had seen the Canaanites who lived there, had been on the mountains, in the valleys and along rivers and lakes. Crossing the landscape like that with all his animals when in Shechem Abraham knew most of his homeland pretty well.


  1. Can you be as strong as Abraham?
  2. Is it bad to be rich?
  3. Is what you need the same as what you want?
  4. What do we need?


    • Hey Chris, God told Abraham to travel through the land to get to know it properly, all the valleys, all the rivers, all the mountains to understand the character of country God promised Abraham. Then he had a lot of cattle, sheep, goats and other animals that needed food. When all the herbs were consumed in the places they were, Abraham moved his camp to where he could find more food for his animals. Abraham was a nomad, he lived like that, moving from place to place.


  1. About our faith in us to the most high LORD GOD almighty(YAHAWAH) as a child of GOD you must strong in your faith with him we see the way our father of nations (Abraham) demonstrates his faith mighty with the most high.


  2. Good morning sir I greet you and your family, yesterday I don’t have wi fi, net ASV notes on Genesis 12: 4-5 as a Christian, believe unto the most high (YAHAWAH) about your years your age will always be looking good with good health also.


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