ASV notes on Genesis 12:1-3 and the questions to consider

שלום חברי

God talked to Abraham and told him to leave for Canaan. Abraham was told to leave his family to travel on his own only with Sarah (Sarai). God wanted to be alone with Abraham, not having any disturbing factors around, it was vital for the relationship between God and Abraham, and it is vital for how we relate to God.

Christians, friends, and congregations could be beneficial, but could also be disturbing and moving you away from the will of God. Here in the case of Abraham, the pressure from Nahor, Lot and the rest of the family made Abraham accept to take with him his nephew Lot against the will of God, who told Abraham to leave their family behind.

God told Abraham to leave his father’s house and go where He would show Abraham, and then He would bless him, and bless those who blessed him and curse those who cursed him and all the families of the earth would be blessed.” 

God promised Abraham great things, but it was with conditions, “leave your family and their influence on you, and stay only with me, you and your wife. Another condition was to go where God showed him and listen to God’s instructions.

Abraham didn’t obey God, but you may say, “Yes he did, just took with him Lot, that cannot be bad”. When God tells you to do something, just do exactly what He tells you, this is the way to stay out of trouble. Lot brought many difficulties in his journey with Abraham. Abraham didn’t obey, but God led him on the right track along the way. He will do the same to you; just listen carefully when He adjusts you.

Questions to consider

  1. Does God talk to you?
  2. How can you make God talk to you?
  3. Do the promises of God have conditions linked to them?

5 responses

  1. The most high LORD (YAHAWAH) see in the ream of the spirit and also in the physical I mean the two side of our life.That is why he was very difficult of Abraham to see it because Abraham was in thy physical ream,an the most high LORD (YAHAWAH) can not leave Abraham because of the covenant that he had with him (Gen 12:1-4).


  2. Good morning sir the last time we meet in lidl this is what I was try to explain to you that you are saying in your notes about Abraham and his family when the most high LORD GOD almighty (YAHAWAH)is telling him to leave his family,that you are try to explain in your notes(Genesis 12:1-3)he is true mr Andrew .you will be seeing a lot of disturbing form that area but as a child of GOD almighty that is the challenges you will be facing.An the true is the most high LORD GOD almighty is the way as our LORD Jesus Christ said in (john14:6)that is why I will always stand in prayer that you always tell me to do in (Jude20,21)in they realm of the spirit.


  3. ASV notes on Genesis 12: 1-3 when the most high (HAHAHAHA) was telling Abraham to leave his family, for him and his wife to travel to be alone. To me is not easy for Abraham at that time because I believe Abraham love his family, at first to do it he will take some time.


  4. Good morning sir my Apostle I greet you and your family sir, ASV notes on Genesis 12:1-3 when the most high is sending you a mission or to do something try to listen to him the way he wants you to do it do not conpemind it , just try to do it as the way he wants you to do it let’s it be so.


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