ASV notes on Genesis 21:1-13

God in his grace came to Sarah, what He did we don’t know, but God kept his promise and the laughter Isaac was born. When Isaac was about 3 years old Sarah and Abraham could stop nursing him as a helpless child and start the teaching and demanding period. Today children are being nursed far too long; the children enter school not prepared for it.   

Isaac was now at least 3 years old, probably 5 or 6, that made Ishmael about 19, 20 years old. Ishmael was grown up; he was old enough to know not to mock the 5/6 year old Isaac. The normal scenario would have been that Ishmael bothered Isaac, and Sarah talked to him and Ismael stopped doing it, but when he thought nobody saw him, he did it again.

Then Sarah talked to her maid Hagar, and she also talked to Ishmael, but in a respectful way, Ishmael was about 20 and Hagar knew that God had promised to make him a people. Ishmael also knew he was to become the father of a nation and I think that his high thoughts of himself made him treat Isaac as an inferior.

When the mocking didn’t stop Sarah went to Abraham asking him to send Hagar and her son away from them. This bothered Abraham and he didn’t know what to do, he loved his son Ishmael also. This was just a family matter, quite normal for a family to have some trouble like that, especially if you have two wives.

But God found it important enough to intervene; He spoke to Abraham and told him to listen to Sarah and do as she said. God was to look after both Isaac and Ishmael not because of them, but because of Abraham, God blessed the descendants of His prophet. Abraham was in the center, all around was a blessing for him. It is the same with you today, if you follow Jesus all people around you are blessed too, and they are a blessing to you, it is not because of them, but it is God’s relation to you through Jesus.

ASV notes on Genesis 20:14-18

Abimelech the king didn’t touch Sarah Abraham’s wife, but in his heart he did and was guilty. Even if Sarah had been Abraham’s sister and not his wife, Abimelech had no right to take her into his harem against her will. God took Abimelech and his entire household to court, and they were judged to death if the king didn’t make it right and compensated for mistreating Sarah.

As a warning to the king, God closed the wombs of all in the kings household, no women there got pregnant anymore. This was serious and the king got the message and made Abraham even richer then he already was.

The king payed Abraham a thousand silver coins to honor that Sarah was Abraham’s wife and to be respected and not touch by anyone. The king also gave Abraham more cattle and male and female slaves and he gave Abraham the right to settle and let his animals feed anywhere in the king’s country.

Then Abraham prayed to God for the king and his household and then God healed him and his wife and his maids and they again could give birth to children. Abraham was the prophet of God and he had the prayer power that “moved God”. This is the way it works even today; through God’s word, Jesus, in our heart we got the power of prayer, even for people that don’t know God.

ASV notes on Genesis 19:11-14

The men outside the house of Lot were now blind, but they still strived to find the door to break into the house, the sin controlled them completely. The two men could now explain the situation to Lot. They said that if he had others there belonging to his family he needed to get them out because God was about to destroy the city.

Then Lot went through the city and found his sons in law who were to marry his daughters. Lot had mingled with the sinful inhabitants of Sodom to the degree that his two daughters were about to marry two of them, seems like the sinful behavior of Sodom had affected the family of Lot too.

Lot explained the situation to his sons in law, but they didn’t believe in the God Lot was talking about, to them, it sounded stupid and ridiculous and they thought it was a joke. Like today, if I am mentioning God or Jesus they look at me like something is wrong with me, the world now in 2018 is getting closer to the world of Sodom and Gomorrah.   

ASV notes on Genesis 15:1-8

After that Abraham had come back from beating the four kings and bringing Lot and his family back and after having met Melchizedek and the Sodom king, God and Abraham had a conversation about the future, an important and interesting talk.

This was a time of war, Abraham had just killed a lot of people from the east, soldiers of the four kings of Mesopotamia land, he had killed a lot of fathers and sons and could expect vengeance from their families, but also he had gained a lot of respect in the land of Canaan and in the valley of Jordan. Abraham was loved and hated.

Then God met him and the first thing He said to Abraham was; “Do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield; Your reward shall be very great.” Humanly speaking this was a time for uncertainty and fear for Abraham, but God made it clear to him that He was stronger and greater than any of his enemies and would protect him and his family, like God did in Egypt.

What happened next was that Abraham believed God; he had experienced God for a long time and this together with the closeness to God resulted in faith. God saw that Abraham believed in his heart and that made Abraham righteous, he was credited the righteousness of Jesus.

What made Abraham believe God in these times of fear and war, the reason is all the words from the mouth of God that Abraham had heard and collected in his heart. The faith comes from hearing. If what you hear comes from the world and medics your faith will be in the world and in the medics, but hearing the word of God will result in believing God.

Sarah could not have children; But God took Abraham outside his tent and told him that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Abraham believed in God’s greatness, but still he did not believe this in his head, his thinking was based on the fact that Sarah could not have children and he said to God shall this Eliezer from Damascus inherit all that I have.

Abraham believed that God had a plan, but what was it, did God mean that he should take another wife that could give him children? God just said that this Eliezer should not inherit him and left it there for Abraham to believe in his good and reliable friend God, YAHAWAH.

ASV notes on Genesis 12:4-5 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

God told Terah and Abraham to go to the land of Canaan, they stopped in Haran and God blessed them there with possessions and servants, Abraham started to become rich and he led a huge flock on their way to Canaan, Abraham was 75 at that time and I think he felt as strong as ever.

Even today God blesses people, in the same way, there are conditions to be met, but the blessings are real, both with inner peace and material wealth. God knows what you need, it is not things, it is a person, the way to a rich life on earth and a gate to heaven, His name is Jesus, Matthew 6:33

Abraham was curious to see the land that God promised him, so he didn’t settle down somewhere, and relaxed after this long journey from Haran to Canaan. No, he wanted to inspect the great land that God had promised him. Abraham traveled through the land as far as Shechem, he had seen the Canaanites who lived there and had been on the mountains, in the valleys and along rivers and lakes. Crossing the landscape like that with all his animals when in Shechem Abraham knew most of the land pretty well.

Consider questions, make your opinion by commenting

  1. Can you be as strong as Abraham?
  2. Is it bad to be rich?
  3. Is what you need the same as what you want?
  4. What do we need?

ASV notes on Genesis 10:15-23 and 32 and questions

The Curse

Noah cursed his grandson Canaan the son of Ham whose sons populated the territory from Sidon in Lebanon as far as Gaza, this area includes the today Israel.


Shem the son of Noah was not the first born, but from him came the Hebrews and also the Syrians. So Shem began the line that leads to Joseph and Mary the “father” and mother of Jesus.

ASV notes on Genesis 10:32

The beginning

After the flood, the life on earth restarted on the top of Mount Ararat where Noah and his family, 8 persons in all, left the wooden box and started to settle. The people on the earth started with Adam and Eve and then restarted with Shem, Ham, and Japheth, That was the beginning and all the population of the world spread from there. The beginning is neither from China nor from Egypt.


  1. Why did Noah curse Canaan?
  2. Where did all begin?

ASV notes on Genesis 2:1-3 and questions

God rested


God completed The heavens and the earth with everything in them, but there were no trees, no plants, no man or woman, no fish, no birds, no animals. Even though the earth and heavens were empty, God rested in the assurance that all the creation was perfect and worked according to His intention. Moses wrote that God rested, God was not tired, He didn’t need to recover from hard work, God doesn’t get tired.


After completing it all, He was so content that He made the seventh day for His creation to rest in; it was a kind of celebration for the “man” to be grateful to God for what He had done for them. Before the sin man didn’t get tired either, they could stroll around in the garden, look after the animals, birds and all other life on earth, eat from the trees, and drink from the brooks. The rest day was of vital importance for “man” not to forget God and His holiness.


Today we need to consider the importance of God, without Him everything is darkness, to respect God for what He has done, we need His own words, not just to read it, but we need the spirit in the words to be able to fight our own nature, our greed, selfishness, anger, to stop feeling sorry for yourself. It is a daily fight, and to win it, you need the strength and love of God. In plain spiritual language, “you need Jesus” see John 6:63


  1. Why did God rest on the seventh day?
  2. Why do we need to rest one day of the week?
  3. What do we actually need?
  4. Who or what is our enemy?