ASV notes on Genesis 18:1-5 and questions

God, Jesus and humans

The common name of God

Moses wrote that YaHaWaH was appearing to Abraham, we should understand that from the beginning this was God’s common name, to address who they were talking about when talking of God, people used His name; YaHaWaH.

Adonai, not YHWH

Lord is a title and in the Hebrew language, which the Old Testament was written in, the Lord is Adonai, not YHWH. If you translate YHWH with the LORD, using capital letters it will not changes the basic text in Hebrew. This is the name of God in Hebrew; יהוה, it is read from right to left; י is Y and ה is H and ו is W and ה is H and it makes YHWH. Usually they translate the Hebrew word YHWH with The LORD, but יהוה has no article “the”. If God’s name is written with the article “the” It would looks like this; היהוה, with a ה in front, but that is not the case. The article is added by the translators to make it look right, to use the word LORD.

Many titles

To make it simple; to translate God’s name with the LORD, is not bad translation, but wrong translation, it is misleading the reader. God has only one name, but many titles to describe His great personality.

Not angles

Abraham was resting in his tent door when he saw three men standing, may be twenty meter off, he didn’t see them coming, they just stood there and Abraham knew that they were of God and not humans, but they were men not angles with wings.

To understand the time of visitation

Abraham lived his life for God and new in his heart that he was 100% dependent of Him, in a twinkle of an eye he understood the importance of this moment. Abraham was not afraid of God or His messengers, however, he run towards them and worshipped them with his face to the ground, and he was not afraid but humble.

A message

Abraham offered the three men water for their feet and bread and meat to eat, and they accepted and they rested under an oak tree. They behaved like humans, but Abraham knew that they were of God, he wanted them to rest and eat and drink and feel comfortable, maybe he thought, they had a message for him.


  1. How many times does the name of God appear in The Old Testament?
  2. Is The LORD a name?
  3. Do God visit people?

ASV notes on Genesis 12:4-5 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

God told Terah and Abraham to go to the land of Canaan, they stopped in Haran and God blessed them there with possessions and servants, Abraham started to become rich and he led a huge flock on their way to Canaan, Abraham was 75 at that time and I think he felt as strong as ever.

Even today God blesses people, in the same way, there are conditions to be met, but the blessings are real, both with inner peace and material wealth. God knows what you need, it is not things, it is a person, the way to a rich life on earth and a gate to heaven, His name is Jesus, Matthew 6:33

Abraham was curious to see the land that God promised him, so he didn’t settle down somewhere, and relaxed after this long journey from Haran to Canaan. No, he wanted to inspect the great land that God had promised him. Abraham traveled through the land as far as Shechem, he had seen the Canaanites who lived there and had been on the mountains, in the valleys and along rivers and lakes. Crossing the landscape like that with all his animals when in Shechem Abraham knew most of the land pretty well.

Consider questions, make your opinion by commenting

  1. Can you be as strong as Abraham?
  2. Is it bad to be rich?
  3. Is what you need the same as what you want?
  4. What do we need?

ASV notes on Genesis 10:15-23 and 32 and questions

The Curse

Noah cursed his grandson Canaan the son of Ham whose sons populated the territory from Sidon in Lebanon as far as Gaza, this area includes the today Israel.


Shem the son of Noah was not the first born, but from him came the Hebrews and also the Syrians. So Shem began the line that leads to Joseph and Mary the “father” and mother of Jesus.

ASV notes on Genesis 10:32

The beginning

After the flood, the life on earth restarted on the top of Mount Ararat where Noah and his family, 8 persons in all, left the wooden box and started to settle. The people on the earth started with Adam and Eve and then restarted with Shem, Ham, and Japheth, That was the beginning and all the population of the world spread from there. The beginning is neither from China nor from Egypt.


  1. Why did Noah curse Canaan?
  2. Where did all begin?

ASV notes on Genesis 2:1-3 and questions

God rested


God completed The heavens and the earth with everything in them, but there were no trees, no plants, no man or woman, no fish, no birds, no animals. Even though the earth and heavens were empty, God rested in the assurance that all the creation was perfect and worked according to His intention. Moses wrote that God rested, God was not tired, He didn’t need to recover from hard work, God doesn’t get tired.


After completing it all, He was so content that He made the seventh day for His creation to rest in; it was a kind of celebration for the “man” to be grateful to God for what He had done for them. Before the sin man didn’t get tired either, they could stroll around in the garden, look after the animals, birds and all other life on earth, eat from the trees, and drink from the brooks. The rest day was of vital importance for “man” not to forget God and His holiness.


Today we need to consider the importance of God, without Him everything is darkness, to respect God for what He has done, we need His own words, not just to read it, but we need the spirit in the words to be able to fight our own nature, our greed, selfishness, anger, to stop feeling sorry for yourself. It is a daily fight, and to win it, you need the strength and love of God. In plain spiritual language, “you need Jesus” see John 6:63


  1. Why did God rest on the seventh day?
  2. Why do we need to rest one day of the week?
  3. What do we actually need?
  4. Who or what is our enemy?