Abijah the son of Reoboam, the grandson of king Solomon also on the line to Christ Jesus. From the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel after Matthew 1:7, commented by ASV and questions

Be smart and go home

We can read about Abijah both in 2 Chronicles chapter 13 and in 1 Kings chapter 15. In 2 Chronicles chapter 13 we find Abijah in the middle of preparing for battle, he has with him the army of Judah 400,000 men, however against him comes Jeroboam the king of the ten tribes of the north with 800,000 men. Here facing a possible defeat, Abijah stands on the mountain of Zemaraim and held one of the most impressive speeches in the Bible. He speaks both to his enemies and his own soldiers. My short version is, “how can you Israel expect to win coming against us in the name of two golden dead calves, and with priests which are no priests. Israel you are facing the mighty God, the glory of Judah and king David, so be smart and go home”.

A victorious king

However Jeroboam the king of the ten tribes of Israel was a smarter general than king Abijah; and while Abijah made his long and strong speech, Jeroboam formed an ambush attacking Judah from behind, Israel’s 800,000 men were attacking Judah both in front and at the rear, Judah’s 400,000 men were surrounded, they were trapped in the middle, they had no chance. However they remembered Abijah’s strong speech and understood they had only one option, their mighty God, every soldier and their leader cried out to their God for help, the trumpets sounded and the 400,000 raised a war cry, then God took over, He beat the 800,000 and they fled, the 400,000 pursued them and killed 500,000 of Jeroboams soldiers, valiant men, Abijah’s speech and the situation made Judah believe in God. Judah had a victorious king saving his men and country.

Not a lot

Abijah and Judah went on and conquered several cities from Israel and Jeroboam didn’t recover from this defeat and God struck him and he died. So, who was Abijah, in both 2 Chronicles and 1 Kings it says that Abijah just reigned as king for three years, not a lot for a victorious king? In 1 King Abijah is called Abijam, a different name, and it seems a different person too, not victorious as in 2 Chronicles,  a king that did the same sins as his father Jeroboam did, among them the male cult prostitutes practice and it says he was not entirely devoted to God

A miserable king

Not entirely devoted to God, what is it to be entirely devoted or not entirely devoted. Jesus explains this in the Revelation chapter three verse 16, He is talking about the church Laodicea, “So because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of My mouth” Abijam was lukewarm, he went on with his daily life without God sinning like his father did, worshiping “wood and stones” further Jesus explains the lukewarm person as “wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked”. This was the true personality of Abijam, in his wealth he was poor and naked in his shameful behavior even if he now and then could be on fire for God when needed. Abijah was a miserable king, however still on the line to Jesus.


  1. What does it mean to you to be fully devoted to God?
  2. What does it mean to love God?

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