God again meets Jacob and tells him to change his name, from Genesis 35:9-12 commented by ASV and questions

The people Israel is borne

Then again God met Jacob, probably as a man, could be Jesus. God again said that his name was Jacob, God had earlier by the brook, Jabbok changed Jacob’s name to Israel however people still called him Jacob. In the daily life, by his children, by his wives and by the rest of the camp, they called him Jacob. God said that He told Jacob to change his name, but he didn’t do it in his daily life, so God told him again to change it. God wanted Israel to be announced and published among his people and among the Canaanites, in this way telling the camp of Jacob and the surrounding world that YaHaWaH strives for him and that he has become the prince of his God, and His elected people. This time Jacob demanded his camp to call him, Israel, the people Israel is borne.

God is mighty and above all

Then in verse 11 Moses wrote that God, Elohim, says to Jacob, “I am God Almighty” Moses is here communicating to us the personality of God, not that He is God Almighty, no, God is saying to Jacob that He is mighty and the most high. Why did God say that? Jacob believed that other gods existed. We must consider that Satan reigned on earth and had power with his demons, and they were spirits and the Canaanites experienced them as gods. God is her explaining Jacob that He is mighty and above all the “foreign gods” in both strength and wisdom.

Relax and multiply

In a way, God said to Jacob, “relax, I know that you have enemies, but I am mighty and most high, follow my words and I will make you a people and they will possess this land. Nations will come from you and kings shall come from your loins, relax and multiply, be many. All the promises given to your grandfather and to your father I am now giving to you”.  


  1. Is the words we speak daily, of importance?
  2. Why do we speak certain words?
  3. By what did God create the world?
  4. How do you change your speaking?

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