Jacob on his way to Haran, Jacob meets Rachel, from Genesis 29:1-11 commented by ASV and questions

On his way to find himself a wife at the age of 77

At the age of 77, Jacob started his walk to Haran in Paddan-aram. His father Isaac was a wealthy man in donkeys, camels and flocks and I would expect that he gave Jacob for instance a mule to carry his luggage, water and food.

I good shape

Jacob though being 77 was in good shape, he was an experienced shepherd, taking care of his father’s animals. Now he walked every day for about two months before he arrived outside Haran at a well where the shepherds fed their flocks.

My brothers

When Jacob arrived at the well, three flocks of sheep were resting there and Jacob addressed the shepherds, My brothers, where are you from?” Jacob was a social and polite person and knew how to deal with people, the way he started his conversation with them made them friendly to him. I think we can learn from Jacob the importance of how we initiate a conversation.


Then Rachel came, the daughter of Laban with his sheep, the shepherds said to Jacob, “look, here comes his daughter Rachel with the sheep!” This was emotional for Jacob, he wanted to be alone with Rachel when he met her and said to the shepherds, Look, the sun is still high it is a long time before the flocks need to be gathered Water the sheep, and go, and return them to their pasture.” However, they refused and Jacob met Rachel with the shepherds watching.

The order of things to do

The stone on top of the well was heavy, and normally it took more than one person to move it, however, Jacob did it, I think he was in love with Rachel from the moment he saw her and wanted to please her and talk to her. Jacob was social smart, and knew the order of things to do, before he said anything, Jacob helped Rachel and watered the sheep, she did not have to wait for all the flocks to come, and probably wondered who this helper was, and it must have pleased her.   

Weeping out loud

The sheep were well watered and now it was time for Jacob to address Rachel, he greeted her with a kiss and could not help weeping out loud, and the shepherds were watching and they probably moved closer to see and hear the news, may be interesting gossip for the town when they returned.


  1. Do we wait for God to give us a partner?
  2. Should we respect people as the precious creation of God?
  3. How old do you think Rachel was when meeting Jacob?

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