Jacob talks to Rachel, Jacob kissed her, Laban runs to meet Jacob at the age of 120, from Genesis 29:12-14 commented by ASV and questions

She was exited, left her sheep, run to her father with this shocking news

Jacob told Rachel of him being Rebekah’s son and Rachel must have been shocked, she probably had heard a lot of her father’s sister that went south to marry someone in the family, and now her son was here talking to her, this was great and exiting news, and she left the sheep and run to tell her father.

Merchandise of 12 to 14

Rachel was just a girl, according to tradition at that time, girls married at the age of 12 to 14, and their fathers decided whom to marry and a part of this was how much they could gain for their daughters. Daughters were merchandise at that time and they had no say on the matter.

Shepherds in good shape at the age of 120

Laban, Rachel’s father became exited too, he had not heard from his sister in about 100 years and now her son was here to visit him, he run to meet him. These people were shepherds, they walked every day, looking after their animals and they, because of all the walking were healthy and strong. Laban must have been about 20 when Rebekah went to marry Isaac and that makes Laban about 120 when Jacob came to Haran.

Saving bills and trouble

Laban was 120 and run to meet Jacob, he was in good shape; we should walk a lot more than we do, saving medical bills and much trouble.

The blessing, ready to pay

Family meant a lot to the Terah descendants and they knew that the God of Abraham was strong and mighty, they knew His name YaHaWaH but had no understanding of Him being the only God, Laban worshipped several gods and the God of Abraham also, he said to Jacob, “You are my bone and my flesh.” Then Jacob worked for his uncle a month, Jacob did his best looking after his uncle’s sheep and he noticed how blessed he was in his work. Jacob came with nothing and could not pay Laban for Rachel to be his wife, but in his God, he saw a possibility. Laban also noticed the blessing over Jacob’s work and was ready to pay Jacob to stay longer.


  1. Do we understand the times of old, the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
  2. Did the world change when Jesus came down?
  3. Did the women benefit from the words of Jesus?
  4. How would you describe Laban?
  5. How would you describe the human nature?   

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