Sarah dies and Abraham marries Keturah. From Genesis 25:1-11Commented by ASV and questions

8 sons

Abraham was 137 years when Sarah died and he lived another 38 years and became 175. After Sarah he married Keturah and had 6 children with her, altogether Abraham had 8 children, Ishmael with Hagar the Egyptian maid, Isaac, the son of promise with Sarah, and Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah with Keturah. Some of the descendants of the sons of Keturah we will later hear about in the Bible.

Not best friends

Abraham knew that the promised people to inherit the land where he lived had to come through Isaac, so he blessed him with all that he had and his other sons he sent east with gifts, away from Isaac and all his flocks and herds. I don’t think Isaac and Ishmael were best friends, but when their father Abraham died at the age of 175 they met and buried him. Ishmael was then 89 and Isaak 75 and they probably found peace together in their grief.


Today also, when someone dies very often the family members find peace with each other when they meet at the funerals. When the life is over there is nothing more you can do or say to the dead person, however you can focus on those who are still alive and it seems like the forgiveness is there when someone is buried, and makes families stronger.  


When his father died Isaac had been married to Rebekah for 35 years, however, when Isaac was 60 after 20 years with his wife she gave birth to Esau and Jacob, and the twins were 15 years when Abraham their grandfather died.  Isaac and Rebekah lived at Beer-lahai-roi south east of Kiriath-arba, they had no children for 20 years however, their hopes were in YaHaWaH, the God that always fulfills His promises.


  1. How many children did Abraham have?
  2. Can you name the children of Keturah?
  3. Does God always keep His promises?   

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