Ishmael, his blessing and his hostility towards the rest of Abraham’s sons. From Genesis 25:12-18 commented by ASV and questions


God blessed Ishmael being the son of Abraham, God promised both Abraham and Hagar that Ishmael their son should become a nation, and his descendants drifted east and populated the northern area of the Arabian Peninsula from Egypt to the Persian Gulf. They were in constant hostility towards his brethren, the Hebrews and the descendants of Abraham’s six sons with Keturah.

Credit card

The blessings came because of Jesus and his coming to earth, becoming man and dying for our sins. The effect of the sin in us is annulling the blessings. With Jesus the blessings is already there without you doing anything eles than receiving Him as your personal savior. This is what Abraham did by his Faith in God, giving him a credit card taking out the blessing of Jesus in advance, which also blessed Ishmael.  


  1. How do the blessings of God work?
  2. Does God bless our families?
  3. Do the blessings of God take us to heaven?

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