Isaac meets Rebekah. From Genesis 24:62-67 commented by ASV and questions.

Kiriath–arba and Beer-lahai-roi

Isaac was now in the huge camp of his father Abraham at Kiriath-arba, he had just returned from Beer-lahai-roi in Negev where he lived temporarily feeding his flocks and herds. It was evening the sun was setting and Isaac walked in the field to worship YaHaWaH, his God.


Isaac of course knew of Eliezer traveling to his family in the east to fetch a wife for him. Moreover, I believe he had high expectation in his waiting for Eliezer to return with his bride. Now in the cool of the evening he saw camels coming, he must have been excited and started to walk towards them.  

Perfect setting

I believed that Rebekah knew that they now were approaching where Abraham had his camp and on her camel, she must have felt the excitement when gazing into the mountain land ahead. From the top of a camel, you have a good view of the terrain in front, and there a man came towards them. I think she jumped down from the camel, she probably didn’t wait for the camel to kneel, she just jumped in excitement onto the ground and said to Eliezer; “Who is that man there walking across the field to meet us?” God had picked the perfect setting for two people to meet; they both had high expectations, excitement, with some uncertainty.

A young girl and the man that longed for her

Except Eliezer and his men, Rebekah and Isaac were alone, a young girl, may be 14 or 15 as the custom was when marrying, and the man Isaac, 40 who probably had been longing for God to give him a wife for many years. Finally, she was there on the mountain area of Kiriath-Arba, in the evening under the stars, and I believe the moon did shine too. 

He loves you

My advice to young men and young girls is to be patient, wait for God to pick the place and time, He knows both of you, and He knows all that surrounds you, what you have been through, good or bad. He is the God who heals you, and prepares you, He has all the information to set it up with perfection, He is the master and He loves you.

 A gift from God

Then Isaac took Rebekah into his mother’s tent and he loved her. The Hebrew word for love here is aheb; it means to love emotionally, but also to be a friend. Isaak loved Rebekah as a wife, but he also became a good friend to her, treating her with respect because he knew she was a gift from his awesome God. 


  1. Was Isaac a rich man?
  2. Why did not Isaac pick a wife himself?
  3. What should people do today to find a mate to marry?   

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