God allows Lot and his family to run for a little town called Zoar. From Genesis 19:18-22 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

The easy way

Lot did not fancy the mountain; he still preferred the easy way, to a little cozy town with only a few people. God gave us our own will, free to choose, God is not forcing his will upon us, even thou He knows it is the best solution.


God granted Lot to run with his family to a little town that later was called Zoar, south of the Dead Sea. Zoar means few or small, but if the sin had developed there as in Sodom, it would affect the Lot family there too.

Sin develops

Seems like God meant to destroy this little town also however, because Lot wanted to go there He didn’t, the sin in its mature stat would still live on in this little place and develop from there. Where you live the sin is there, in fact the sin is in you, you cannot run away from it, you have to fight it and stay away from areas and environments where the sin have developed and are practiced in all its variations. The sin problem was the reason that Jesus had to come to earth, suffer and die.   


  1. Where do you find the sin?
  2. Can we handle the sin?
  3. Where do the sin come from?
  4. How can we know we are doing the will of God?
  5. Does who we mingle with affect how we think?
  6. Why did Jesus come to earth?

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