Lot and his family came to Zoar, brimstone and fire from heaven, Lot’s wife turns into a pillar of salt. From Genesis 19:23-29 commented by ASV and questions

Their life in Sodom

The sun had risen, may be it was close to midday when Lot and his family came to this small village, they had been running for a long time, probably several hours when brimstones and fire begun to rain down from heaven, their place in Sodom and their life there were about to be demolished.

You need to change your heart

However, Lots wife could not resist turning around, look at, and probably longing for her “city life” a last time. One of the two men warned her not to look back, but she followed her heart and not God, turning into a pillar of salt.  The fire and brimstone from heaven destroyed everything in the valley of Jordan except the small village of Zoar.

The importance of your environment

Lot and his family had been living in more than one city in the valley, probably in all of them while moving his flocks around. The thinking of Lots family had been under the influence of the sinful people in the valley area for many years and their way of reasoning had gradually changed. God saved Lot and his family, not because of them, but because of Abraham, the righteous one with his heart towards YaHaWaH his precious God.  If Jesus is in you, God looks at you and sees Jesus.


  1. Who runs the world?
  2. How does he run it?
  3. Do we need help against him?

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