Pharaoh’s soldiers led Abraham away from Egypt. From Genesis 13:1 Commented by ASV and questions


שלום חברי

He knew his provider

Pharaoh’s soldiers led Abraham away from Egypt, however, that was no problem for Abraham, he knew his country and his provider. Abraham just went towards Canaan, this time from the south.

Just build an alter

God also has given you a country to live in, and if being in Jesus, in that country you are blessed. However, your real home is in heaven with Jesus. God takes care of you even if you have to leave a country; He will give you another one here on earth and a gateway to heaven, just “build an Alter.”

Questions to consider

  1. Why makes you blessed?
  2. Why should you “build and Alter”


  1. Good morning sir, heaven is our foundation let us we children of the most high try to do his will of our heavenly father who is in heaven amen.In the beginning Elohim created the heaven for us (AMP Genesis 1:1).


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