Abraham and Lot came back from Egypt. From Genesis 13:2-4 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

Stronger faith

Abraham suffered a famine in South Canaan and left for Egypt to survive, he could have complained, however he trusted God and just went on. In addition, in Egypt, they took his wife away from him and then chased him away into the desert. Abraham experienced negative circumstances, but he was confident in his God, and God made him extremely rich and he got his wife back untouched. Moreover, Abraham’s faith in God grew even stronger.

All he had came from God

Now Abraham and Lot came to the Mountain between Ai and Bethel and pitched their tents there and Abraham called on the name of his God, YHWH, in Hebrew written with four consonants, however, Moses says nothing about Lot doing the same. Abraham knew that God looked after him and that all he had obtained came from Him.

God didn’t do it

Many people of today only calls to God when things go wrong, however when things go good they think they did it, a very common remark of today is; “I am so proud of myself, of what I have managed”. Nevertheless, when things are bad they blame God, “How could God do this terrible thing” God didn’t do it, every day you are living by the world’s ideas run by the devil and his future for you is steeling, killing and destroying.

Call on Jesus

Wake up, look to Abraham and call on Jesus your only savour and provider.


  1. Can God make people rich?
  2. Lot chose what he saw, what did Abraham choose?
  3. Do you blame God?
  4. Who rules this world?


  1. I thank you sir again I know that you do not like the word iam useing because what I feel in my spirit you can not understand it sometime.I have see the strong faith in Asv notes on Genesis 13:2-4 sometime when things are had to you in life to me always give thanks to the most high LORD GOD almighty(YAHAWAH) let your faith be stronger in his mighty name .I know to many people is not easy but to you that know the mighty one you have see the singles and wonder in him,also in your life he will make your faith be stronger an higher .we see our father of nations(Abraham).


  2. LORD Jesus Christ almighty is my provider in my life in my family life in all our he created us .we said thank you Jesus Christ.


  3. Good morning Apostle as a believer or as a Christian we all have to try to learn one thing wether it’s good or bad we have to give thanks to our LORD GOD almighty (YAHAWAH) amen.he knows everything in our life.


  4. In John 10:10 that is why our LORD Jesus Christ almighty came to give us love good living good life abundantly .


  5. Good morning my Apostle asv I thank the most high LORD GOD almighty (YAHAWAH) for useing you sir as my Apostle of my life to bless me .I have also been bless of the blessing of our father of all nations too (Abraham) in Genesis 12:1-3 in Jesus mighty name amen.may the good LORD GOD ALMIGHTY continuously be blessing you mightily in Jesus almighty name amen.


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