Abraham meets the Sodom king and the king of Salem after having beaten the four kings from the east, from Genesis 14:17-24 commented by ASV and questions

Abraham said no to the Sodom king

When Abraham and his allies came back from crushing the four kings, the king of Sodom and the King of Salem came to meet them. In the mind of the Sodom king, was material and people and possessions, and he wanted to look generous and offered Abraham all the spoil he brought back. Abraham, however, knew the kings in the Jordan valley, their sinful ways and said no, he did not want them to brag about making him rich.


However, the other king, Melchizedek king of Salem that came to meet Abraham had God in his heart and mind and understood that the people coming from battle needed food and drink. Did he praise Abraham and his allies for what they achieved, no, Melchizedek praised and glorified the God most high, he used the Hebrew word El Elyon, meaning “The supreme Ruler of the entire universe; His dominion is all encompassing and everlasting. “

Abraham gives tenth to Melchizedek

Melchizedek knew that God had Given Abraham the victory and blessed Abraham, and Abraham knew that the high priest the king of Salem needed material support and gave him a tenth of all that they had gained in the battle. We need our Christian leaders and their care, never the less, they also need our giving.

The question to consider

  1. Is it sin to become rich?
  2. Who made Abraham rich?

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