God saw the wickedness on earth. From Genesis 6:5-8 commented by ASV and questions

Pervert imagination

God saw the wickedness on earth performed by men, women and children, but the worst was that everyone had a pervert imagination and intent of thoughts deep in their hearts. When people are depraved in their way of thinking there is no way back to normal healthy way of reasoning.

Heaven on earth or disaster on earth then hell later

That is why the devil wants God away from schools and the upbringing of children. What we are thinking about, is leading our life. Concerning the people around Noah, they had gradually changed their mind and locked their thinking on the autopilot of the devil set on disaster.

Animals affected too

God saw that the words of Noah did not get through to any of those who he preached to, therefore God decided to destroy mankind, because they were possessed by demonic thinking, but possession did not only occupy the humans, but also animals and birds, only the maritime life seems not to be affected.

We are what we think in our heart

Noah and his family were accepted by God, they were not perfect but their intent and mind of their hearts were on God’s side, therefore they were saved by grace, they were credited for what Jesus did for them later.


  1. How important is our thinking?
  2. Is the devil busy in the world today?
  3. Can animals be possessed by deomnds?

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