Josiah, the son of Amon from the Genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel after Matthew, from Matthew 1:10 commented by ASV and questions

Until he was ready

Josiah became king at the age of eight, only a child and depended on his upbringing, who were around him, talking to him and influencing his thinking. He probably had his education from the priests and Levites. Often when we read about kings, their mothers names are mentioned, and Josiah’s mother was Jedidah daughter of Adaiah of Bozkath, the mother spend the most time with the child and Jedidah influenced Josiah and his decisions until he was ready to decide on his own.

Only at Jerusalem

From the age of eight to the age of sixteen Josiah received information from the environment around him, however being sixteen, Josiah started his own research of the God of his ancestor king David, and for the next four years he studied at the “university” learning the law of Moses. At the age of 20 Josiah had the information and knowledge to start his work for God by the name of YHWH. For the next six years Josiah cleansed the land to as far as Naphtali, and he did it according to the law of Moses. Josiah then returned to Jerusalem and all the people understood, there was only one God, YHWH to be worshiped only at Jerusalem and that they had to pay tax to the king.

The book

When the land had been cleansed and rid of all kind of false worship, being 26, king Josiah took the tax money from Manasseh, Ephraim, all remnant of Israel, all Judah and Benjamin and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and repaired the house of YHWH his God to the standard it had when king Solomon reigned.  In the process, the book of the Law is found in the ruins of the temple. When the king heard the words of the law, he tore his clothes and sent people to the prophetess Huldah a keeper of the wardrobe to inquire of YHWH God for him and the people.

Buried in peace

Through Huldah the prophetess YHWH answered Josiah and explained the reason for this great and unstoppable wrath of God. Because the people during many years had abandoned Him and had burned incense to other gods, God’s wrath would be poured out on Judah as it had bee on the ten tribes of Israel. Josiah, a good, devoted and godly king could not stop the anger of God, however God promised him not to see the disaster himself but be buried in peace.

Only 39

God promised Josiah peace when he died, however Josiah had a part to play as we have when we walk with God. Josiah invited Israel to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem, and they celebrated like it hadn’t been done since the times of Samuel the prophet, and it must have been pleasing to God. However, at the end of his reign king Josiah went to battle against Neco the king of Egypt who warned Josiah not to fight him because he did it according the words of God. Josiah did not listen and died in the battle. Josiah a good and obedient king became only 39 years of age and on the line to Jesus.


  1. What changed the wrath of God?
  2. Is God the same God as he was in The Old Testament?  

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