Jacob’s prophesy over Judah. From Genesis 49:8-12 commented by ASV and questions

To leave and stay with the Canaanites

Now Israel came to the fourth son of Leah, Judah, he was special and evidently different from the previous three. Rueben, Simeon and Levi behaved in evilness and cruelty. Did Judah behave any better? The answer is no, as a grown-up man he decided to leave his family and stay with the Canaanites.


Judah married a Canaanite woman without consulting his father, and had three sons with her, God killed two of them because they were evil, left him with only one son and a daughter in law, Tamar. Judah’s wife the daughter of Shua also died early.  The story of Judah and Tamar you find in Genesis 38. In this chapter, we see the key that changed the heart of Judah and his life and the destiny of his tribe.


Tamar made Judah see himself as a sinner and he repented and left the Canaanites and returned to his father and his God, Judah said, “She has been more righteous than I, because I did not give her to my son Shelah

Have you found yourself?

This incident with Tamar changed Judah’s life and Israel promoted him to be the leader of his brothers, Judah had become what God meant for him to be. Have you found yourself in the plan that God has for you?

Personality springs out from the heart

Who was Judah, who was he in his life without God, A liar, a killer, a cheat? In this world without God we are not our self, we depend on which environments that surrounds us; our upbringing, how people we connect with, affect us, our education and so on. Only in the hands of God can we find our real personality, it springs out from our heart.

Like a sledgehammer

The words from the lips of Tamar hit Judah like a sledgehammer, knocking the selfishness out of him, he suddenly loved all his brothers, even Benjamin and Joseph, his heart had changed, the old was gone and he could obey his father and God, and the prophesy from Israel reflected his true personality.

A lion and king

Judah was a lion, not an old lazy one, no a young, virile, strong with wisdom and authority enough to be a king, here is what his father said about him, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until Shiloh comes, And to Him shall be the obedience of the peoples

And left the door open

From the tribe of Judah would come kings in Israel, many mighty kings in the power of God, and finally the mightiest of them all, the king messiah. The sin of man brought the curse into the world and into the hearts of men. However, this mighty king conquered the sin and left the door open for all to walk in and grab the power of transformation, the name of Jesus Christ.

Lion of Judah will be back

The lion of Judah came down to earth to save people from their sin, first to become a lamb to be slaughtered in obedience to his Father. Jesus passed the test to be King and will be back, this time with power and might and reign on earth for a thousand years.

As Messiah, not as king

The first time Jesus came down to earth, He came as the Messiah, meaning anointing to be King. He didn’t come as King to rule physically on earth to compete with the Romans, the ruling power at the time. Jesus came as God’s lamb to serve and help the common people, to tell the truth, and finally die on the cross to pay the price for all of us, He bought us free from the prison of sin.

The heavenly Dictator

However, Jesus will be back, this time as the Lion of Judah, the King with authority and power and He is going to rule the world with an iron rod, He will be a dictator, not like the dictators of today with greed and cruelty. Jesus the Lion of Judah will rule the world with justice and love, all will be treated fairly.


  1. Is God only good?
  2. Is God fair?
  3. Do God know you?
  4. Do you know God?
  5. What does John 17:3 says?

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