Jacob’s prophesy over Zebulun. From Genesis 49:13 commented by ASV and questions

At the sea chore

Zebulon was next in line, however according to age he should not have been next, he was the youngest of the sons of Leah and number 10 of Israel’s sons, and here he was prophesied as number 5. Israel said about him; “Zebulun shall dwell at the seashore; and he shall be a haven for ships, and his flank shall be toward Sidon”.

Two shores

Originally, Zebulun did not border any seashores, Joshua allotted the land of the tribe of Zebulun to be between Issachar and Dan, not bordering any shores. However, by the way they behaved as tribe, Zebulun ended up bordering both the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee.


In the prophesy of Zebulun, the key word is “haven” Haven means a place to rest from stormy weather and from storms and hurricanes in your life. The tribe of Zebulun became a haven for Jesus when He grew up and, in his ministry, when He moved to Capernaum on the cost of the Sea of Galilee.

A conduit

Zebulun also provided safe havens on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea from today Haifa to Sidon south in Lebanon.  In the far future, I believe that the members of the Zebulun tribe will lead people to Jesus as a “haven” in their life on earth. Zebulun will be a conduit between God and man.


  1. Do we need God’s prophesies in our life?
  2. Will Israel be saved?
  3.  Do we need havens? 

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