ASV mark on Genesis 20:1-7

Now it was time for Abraham to move all his cattle and flocks to another area finding food for them. Abraham was a nomad, moved from place to place, and stayed temporarily where his animals were grazing. This time he ended up in Gerar where he settled his huge camp, here Abimelech was king.

Again, Abraham did it, he told Sarah his beautiful wife to lie and say that he was her brother giving the impression that she was not his wife. Even thou Sarah was close to ninety and probably pregnant she was nice to look at and desirable. The king, Abimelech heard about her beauty and fetched her into his harem were she stayed waiting for the king to call her.

Abimelech wanted to have sex with Sarah, but every time he tried to make it happen God hindered him, God looked after Sarah because she was the wife of the prophet Abraham. God gave Abraham the title prophet; it implies that Abraham spoke the words of God. God protected His prophet and stopped the king from touching his wife. 

The same is true today, if you speak the words of God, God protects you because of the words you speak; speaking the “words of God when in Jesus” makes you a prophet. Abimelech in his intent to have sex with Sarah was innocent, it was Abraham that did wrong, sacrificing his wife making Abimelech sin against God’s prophet.

God sentenced Abimelech to death for trying to touch Sarah, the king was facing the death penalty, he was about to be executed by God, not just Abimelech but also his household was to be killed, God made Abimelech and his people respect Abraham.

God told Abimelech to return the prophets wife to him and then God would pardon Abimelech by Abraham praying for him, saving his life. Abimelech did what God told him in a dream. After this all in the area knew about Abraham and his awesome God.

ASV notes on Genesis 19:18-22 and the questions to consider

שלום חברי

Lot didn’t fancy the mountain; he still wanted to take the easy way, to a little cozy town with only a few people there. God gave us our own will, free to choose, God is not forcing upon us his will, even though, He knows it is the best solution for us.

God granted Lot to run with his family to a little town that later was called Zoar south of the Dead Sea. Zoar means few or small, but if the sin had developed there as in Sodom, it would affect the Lot family there too.

Seems like God meant to destroy this little town too, but because Lot wanted to go there He didn’t, the sin in its mature state would still live on in this little place and develop from there. Where you live the sin is there, in fact, the sin is in you, you cannot run away from it, you have to fight it and stay away from areas and environments where the sin has developed and are practiced in all its variations. The sin problem was the reason that Jesus had to come to earth and suffer and die.

The questions to consider

  1. How can we know we are doing the will of God?
  2. Does our company affect how we think?
  3. Why did Jesus come to earth?

ASV notes on Genesis 18:7-8

Abraham brought to the tree men the best he had, a tender calf, new made bread, milk and butter and he stood by them when they ate, may be they wanted more or something else, but most importantly, may be they had a message for him. This was Abraham offering to God of the best he had, like building an Alter and offer on it. If you give, give of the best you have, not left overs.


ASV notes on Genesis 17:23

YAHAWAH treated Abraham with respect, He was God and a Spirit but because Abraham had a profound faith in God, God as Spirit could be a personal friend with Abraham, they could walk together as friends. God was Spirit and Abraham flesh, but by faith, Jesus was there, together they could overcome all obstacles that were to come.

The very same day God told Abraham about the circumcision, he acted and did it; all the people in his camp from 8 days and up were circumcised. If God tells you to do something by talking to you, or if He talks to you through His Word, just do it, when? When you hear it or read it. God talks to you by The Holy Spirit, or through the Word. The Word is Jesus talking to you. When God touches you through His Word all three are active in your life, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.

ASV notes on Genesis 16:6-11

Sarah was the wife of Abraham and still the mistress in her house and Abraham allowed Sarah to threat Hagar as she wanted. Sarah was rough towards her  maid and Hagar fled into the dessert. It was not the will of God that Hagar should have a child with Abraham, but God is a fair God and sent an angel to comfort her in her escape into the dessert.

Abraham accepted that Sarah was hard with Hagar, but God didn’t like it and the angel comforted her, telling her about the future, about her son Ishmael and said; “Because the Lord has heard and paid attention to your persecution” and Hagar went back to her mistress in assurance that God was looking after her too.

God is watching you also, He knows what you’re going through and He would love to help you, but he needs to connect to your heart. God is spirit and you are flesh, there is no direct line between spirit and flesh. You need to install a spiritual internet into your heart to receive from God. And that “internet” is Jesus; it works 24/7 and is free.

ASV notes on Genesis 15:1-8

After that Abraham had come back from beating the four kings and bringing Lot and his family back and after having met Melchizedek and the Sodom king, God and Abraham had a conversation about the future, an important and interesting talk.

This was a time of war, Abraham had just killed a lot of people from the east, soldiers of the four kings of Mesopotamia land, he had killed a lot of fathers and sons and could expect vengeance from their families, but also he had gained a lot of respect in the land of Canaan and in the valley of Jordan. Abraham was loved and hated.

Then God met him and the first thing He said to Abraham was; “Do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield; Your reward shall be very great.” Humanly speaking this was a time for uncertainty and fear for Abraham, but God made it clear to him that He was stronger and greater than any of his enemies and would protect him and his family, like God did in Egypt.

What happened next was that Abraham believed God; he had experienced God for a long time and this together with the closeness to God resulted in faith. God saw that Abraham believed in his heart and that made Abraham righteous, he was credited the righteousness of Jesus.

What made Abraham believe God in these times of fear and war, the reason is all the words from the mouth of God that Abraham had heard and collected in his heart. The faith comes from hearing. If what you hear comes from the world and medics your faith will be in the world and in the medics, but hearing the word of God will result in believing God.

Sarah could not have children; But God took Abraham outside his tent and told him that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Abraham believed in God’s greatness, but still he did not believe this in his head, his thinking was based on the fact that Sarah could not have children and he said to God shall this Eliezer from Damascus inherit all that I have.

Abraham believed that God had a plan, but what was it, did God mean that he should take another wife that could give him children? God just said that this Eliezer should not inherit him and left it there for Abraham to believe in his good and reliable friend God, YAHAWAH.

ASV mark on Genesis 13:2-4 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

Abraham suffered a famine in South Canaan and had to go to Egypt to survive, he could have complained to God, but he just went on. In addition, in Egypt, they took his wife away from him and then chased him away into the desert. Abraham experienced negative circumstances, but he was confident in his God, and God made him extremely rich and he got his wife back untouched. Moreover, Abraham’s faith in God grew even stronger.

Now Abraham and Lot came to the Mountain between Ai and Bethel and pitched their tents there and Abraham called on the name of his God, YHWH, in Hebrew written with four consonants, however, Moses says nothing about Lot doing the same. Abraham knew that God looked after him and that all he had obtained came from Him.

Many people of today only calls to God when things go wrong, and when things go good they think they did it, a very common remark of today is; “I am so proud of myself, of what I have managed”. Nevertheless, when things are bad they blame God, “How could God do this terrible thing” God didn’t do it, every day you are living by the world’s ideas run by the devil and his future for you is steeling, killing and destroying.

Wake up look to Abraham and call on Jesus your only savour and provider.

Questions to consider

  1. Can God make people rich?
  2. Lot chose what he saw, what did Abraham choose?
  3. Do you blame God?
  4. Who is goberning this world?

ASV notes on Genesis 12:1-3 and the questions to consider

שלום חברי

God talked to Abraham and told him to leave for Canaan. Abraham was told to leave his family to travel on his own only with Sarah (Sarai). God wanted to be alone with Abraham, not having any disturbing factors around, it was vital for the relationship between God and Abraham, and it is vital for how we relate to God.

Christians, friends, and congregations could be beneficial, but could also be disturbing and moving you away from the will of God. Here in the case of Abraham, the pressure from Nahor, Lot and the rest of the family made Abraham accept to take with him his nephew Lot against the will of God, who told Abraham to leave their family behind.

God told Abraham to leave his father’s house and go where He would show Abraham, and then He would bless him, and bless those who blessed him and curse those who cursed him and all the families of the earth would be blessed.” 

God promised Abraham great things, but it was with conditions, “leave your family and their influence on you, and stay only with me, you and your wife. Another condition was to go where God showed him and listen to God’s instructions.

Abraham didn’t obey God, but you may say, “Yes he did, just took with him Lot, that cannot be bad”. When God tells you to do something, just do exactly what He tells you, this is the way to stay out of trouble. Lot brought many difficulties in his journey with Abraham. Abraham didn’t obey, but God led him on the right track along the way. He will do the same to you; just listen carefully when He adjusts you.

Questions to consider

  1. Does God talk to you?
  2. How can you make God talk to you?
  3. Do the promises of God have conditions linked to them?

ASV notes on Genesis 8:20-21

ASV notes on Genesis 8:20-21

Noah build and alter and offered clean animals and birds to God, Noah loved God in his heart and God felt it and received the offerings and God smelled the pleasing aroma, looks like God was content and promises that He never again will curse the ground because of man. This looks promising, but then God gives the reason for not cursing the ground anymore; “for the intent of man’s heart is wicked from his youth.”

God confirmed that in man there was no hope of salvation, Noah was considered righteous, but the hope was not in him, and it had to come from heaven. You can try to do good, help others, support good works, it does not matter, your heart is wicked from your youth, and every single baby borne on earth is born wicked.

ASV notes on Genesis 8:22

ASV notes on Genesis 8:22

In this verse there might be buried some future truth, God is talking about the condition; “While the earth remains.” This earth is not going to remain for ever, considering this physical earth, but there is a spiritual perfect earth and it will be a time when seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night will stop existing.

Those with Jesus will not get tired anymore, no need for sleep, no need to labour for food, no money to worry about, no struggle with your neighbour, the “time” has gone, the past, present and future is in the present with God.