ASV notes on Genesis 22: 1-10 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

Abraham’s life with his God had been a travel of faith all the way from when he left Haran to the land promised to him, the land of Canaan. Through the Promised Land, back and forth and to Egypt and back. Abraham knew that his God was reliable, his faith was anchored in the past experiences, his God YAHAWAH always looked after him, saved him and blessed him. This building up of Abraham’s faith was not the work of Abraham; it was the work of God and now the time had come to prove it.

God told Abraham to go to Moriah and sacrifice his son there when reading the words of Moses it seems to me that Abraham was calm and collected, did what he had to do in a proper way, and took with him the servants, the fire and his son Isaac.

When they came close to the place for sacrifice; “Abraham said to his servants, “Settle down and stay here with the donkey; the [c]young man and I will go over there and worship [God], and we will come back to you.”  Abraham didn’t waver in his faith, he said: “and we will come back to you.” Abraham was 100% confident that his descendants would come through Isaac. Even if he had to kill Isaac Abraham believed that his God was able to resurrect him.  

Questions to consider

  1. How did the faith of Abraham come by
  2. How did Abraham in these verses put words to his faith 

ASV notes on Genesis 21:22-34

The king Abimelech and his general Phicol knew Abraham and his private army that eradicated the four kings from the east, Abraham was in their mind a threat to their kingdom. But the interest of Abraham was water for his animals.

The king and his general came and wanted Abraham to swear to keep his word and treat Abimelech and his descendants fairly. They stood by a well that Abraham had dug. There they both swore, Abraham not to be hostile to the king’s people and Abimelech swore that the well was dug by Abraham and they called the well Beersheba, the well of the oath. This was in the same area where an angel spoke to Hagar.

Abraham was powerful in the eyes of Abimelech, but the main reason, I think, that the king feared Abraham was that he saw God blessing him in everything, Abimelech feared Abraham’s God. Abraham planted a tamarisk in the area as a witness of his awesome God, and there he called on His name; YAHAWAH.

ASV notes on Genesis 18:1-5

Moses wrote that YAHAWAH was appearing to Abraham, we should understand that from the beginning this was God’s common name, to address who they were talking about when talking of God, people used His name; YAHAWAH.

Lord is a title and in the Hebrew the language, which the Old Testament was written in, the Lord is Adonai, not YHWH. If you translate YHWH with the LORD and are using capital letters it will not changes the basic text in Hebrew. This is the name of God in Hebrew; יהוה, it is read from right to left; י is Y and ה is H and ו is W and ה is H and it makes YHWH. Usually they translate the Hebrew word YHWH with The LORD, but יהוה has no article “the”. If God’s name was written with the article “the” It would look like this; היהוה, with a ה in front, but that is not the case. The article is added by the translators to make it look right to use the word LORD.

To make it simple; to translate God’s name with the LORD, is not bad translation, but wrong translation, it is misleading the reader. God has only one name, but many titles to describe His great personality.

Abraham was resting in his tent door when he saw three men standing, may be twenty meter off, he didn’t see them coming, they just stood there and Abraham knew that they were of God and not humans, but they were men not angles with wings.

Abraham lived his life for God and new in his heart that he was 100% dependent of Him, in a twinkle of an eye he understood the importance of this moment. Abraham was not afraid of God or His messengers, he run towards them and worshipped them with his face to the ground, he was not afraid but humble.

Abraham offered the three men water for their feet and bread and meat to eat, and they accepted and they rested under an oak tree. They behaved like humans, but Abraham knew that they were of God, he wanted them to rest and eat and drink and feel comfortable, may be they had a message for him.

ASV notes on Genesis 17:1-5 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

13 years had now passed since Ishmael was born and Abraham, now Abram was 99, and Sarah, now Sarai 89. Abraham had walked with God every day, but this meeting was special, it was an occasion for a change. God met Abraham in a visual form; Abraham actually saw God and heard Him talking.

Abram means an exalted father, a father of many children, but now God changed his name to Abraham, a father of a multitude, God there and then decided that Abraham should be a father of many nations.

YAHAWAH (God’s name) appeared to Abraham describing Himself as God Almighty, El Shaddai, this is not a name, but a description of His personality, His ability, His greatness. God wanted to tell Abraham that being with God, Abraham could accomplish great things because of God’s greatness, being with El Shaddai would be the same as being great in the mighty power of God.

Question to consider, give your opinion by commenting  

  1. How could Abraham hear God’s voice?
  2. How did God change the destiny of Abraham?
  3. What is El Shaddai?
  4. What made Abraham great?


ASV notes on Genesis 17:23

YAHAWAH treated Abraham with respect, He was God and a Spirit but because Abraham had a profound faith in God, God as Spirit could be a personal friend with Abraham, they could walk together as friends. God was Spirit and Abraham flesh, but by faith, Jesus was there, together they could overcome all obstacles that were to come.

The very same day God told Abraham about the circumcision, he acted and did it; all the people in his camp from 8 days and up were circumcised. If God tells you to do something by talking to you, or if He talks to you through His Word, just do it, when? When you hear it or read it. God talks to you by The Holy Spirit, or through the Word. The Word is Jesus talking to you. When God touches you through His Word all three are active in your life, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.

ASV notes on Genesis 14:13-16

Abraham was now living in the Hebron area in the shade of the huge oak trees there, the terebinths of Mamre the Amorite. Abraham had allies, Mamre and his two brothers, Eshcol and Aner. Those three friends knew Abraham and his great God. Now many of those who fled from the battles in the valley came to the hill country of Hebron and one of them came to Abraham and told him that Lot and his family had been taken captive. Abraham was well known in the area, people knew him and his God.

When Abraham heard that Lot was taken captive, he didn’t hesitate, he didn’t acquire about the enemy, he knew his God and got his private army ready, 318 soldiers well trained, born in his camp. They were soldiers but they also knew the God of Abraham and trusted in the orders from his mouth, they were confident in the power behind the words. Also his three allies came with him with their men.

Abraham pursued the four kings, he knew the country and the rout, he had been there, he knew what to do, but most importantly, he knew his God. He didn’t spend hours in praying before he went; no Abraham knew that his God was watching and caring for him. Today if you are in Christ God knows your needs, He is watching you and His sight and hearing is extremely good, you don’t have to scream or repeat words to Him, he is not senile.

Abraham knew that his God, YAHAWAH, was awesome and stood with him, but Abraham showed courage and acted and he and his men were in good shape and well trained, when needed they were a strong army. You need to put your hand to things and the blessing follows.

God cares for you when you are in trouble and makes you ready, ready for what? To become a soldier who can stand and attack the enemy in the front lines of the war against the devil and his deception.  Abraham with his 318 servants and his allies Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre, beat the four kings by night and chased them almost as far as Damascus in Syria. Abraham brought back all the people and goods, including Lot and his family, God turns defeat into victory.

ASV notes on Genesis 6:17-22

ASV notes on Genesis 6:17-22

God now told Noah what He would do, what was going to happen, Noah knew that this didn’t depend on him, it was the work of God it was based on a detailed prophesy. This is the way God does things, first the words. The words are not a one sided contract it is a contract, a covenant between God the architect and the son, the Word, and when the words been spoken it is finished in the real world, the spiritual world and then God forms it from the perfect model using humans on earth. Noah knew God and relaxed in His words but felt sorry for the world, now there was no way back, but Noah kept on talking to them.

Just a mark on verse 19 were God says; “And of every living thing [found on land], you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. 

This tells Noah to bring pairs of all living into the box, not one pair, but that they should be a pair, male and female.

In verse 22 it says that Noah did everything that God commanded him. Noah had a strong relationship with YAHAWAH, he knew His name and could hear His voice and distinct every word, not to miss anything. Noah was spiritual awake and Noah probably didn’t do a lot of talking, but he was attentive and alert, ready to listen.

We in our walk with God have problems with us being humans and God being spirit, we need to move into the spiritual realm and we can do that by studding the words that Jesus spoke, they are spirit and life. The Word, Jesus is the truth, but the truth will not set us free to hear the words of God with clarity. Jesus gives us the key in John 8:32;

 32 And you will know the truth [regarding salvation], and the truth will set you free [from the penalty of sin].”

Knowing the truth will set you free. They asked Jesus, free from what? Jesus came to set people free from their own sin and to give them eternal life. The sin hinders us from hearing the words of God, we are in a prison of sin and the words of God are on the outside, in the free. The only way into the free words of God is to know the truth. Jesus said I am the truth. To come close to God and his words we need to know Jesus, see John 17:3.