ASV notes on Genesis 22:11-14

שלום חברי

The obedience of Abraham testified that he feared his God. Abraham loved his God, but in this love is also fear, not trembling fear, but a kind of great respect that God always wants the best for his children, Abraham, and his descendants. Abraham’s faith was important to God.

Abraham had given God the most precious he had on this earth, God wants to be loved with the best we have. Then God loved Abraham back, because Abraham gave his son Isaac, God is responding by giving His son for the descendants of Abraham, the Hebrews and then the whole world.

To kill Isaac wouldn’t have helped anybody, but sacrificing the Son of God would give the entire world a way to “life” on earth and a life forever with God in heaven. Jesus died for the sin in us to give us a new spirit to overcome the sin in our life.

ASV notes on Genesis 19:11-14

The men outside the house of Lot were now blind, but they still strived to find the door to break into the house, the sin controlled them completely. The two men could now explain the situation to Lot. They said that if he had others there belonging to his family he needed to get them out because God was about to destroy the city.

Then Lot went through the city and found his sons in law who were to marry his daughters. Lot had mingled with the sinful inhabitants of Sodom to the degree that his two daughters were about to marry two of them, seems like the sinful behavior of Sodom had affected the family of Lot too.

Lot explained the situation to his sons in law, but they didn’t believe in the God Lot was talking about, to them, it sounded stupid and ridiculous and they thought it was a joke. Like today, if I am mentioning God or Jesus they look at me like something is wrong with me, the world now in 2018 is getting closer to the world of Sodom and Gomorrah.   

ASV notes on Genesis 11:6-7 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

God said that they are one people, what was it that unifies them? Yes, the language, they spoke the same words, they could understand each other. Is this good or bad, if God is the leader it is good, but the crowd will always try to find smart leaders that convince people, leaders they could trust and listen to.

This makes many stops thinking on their own and follows the few. This is what’s going on today, big unions having big meetings with automatic translation. Today the cities are growing bigger and the unions stronger and they fight for a good life without the true God, they are looking for the broad highway leading to disaster.

Questions to consider 

  1. What unifies people?
  2. What are the dangers we face when the cities grow bigger?