ASV notes on Genesis 22: 15-19

שלום חברי


Our life with God is conditional. Because we accept Jesus as Lord and listen to His words the faith of Jesus makes us children of God. God through an angel said to Abraham; “since you have done this thing and have not withheld your son, your only son ” Abraham fulfilled the condition that God had set, that Abraham believed God and did as he was told.

Sand and stars

Abraham didn’t have the Bible, we are lucky; we have all the conditions written down in a book, we can find out what is expected of us by reading, praying and studying. Abraham gave God the best he had and his God, YaHaWaH responded by promising Abraham to greatly bless him and multiply his descendants like the sand of seashores and like the stars on the sky and to defeat their enemies.


And the angel ended his speech by saying; “Through your seed, all the nations of the earth shall be blessed” God said that Jesus Christ would descend from Abraham and through Him God would bless the whole world.

ASV notes on Genesis 22:11-14

שלום חברי

The obedience of Abraham testified that he feared his God. Abraham loved his God, but in this love is also fear, not trembling fear, but a kind of great respect that God always wants the best for his children, Abraham, and his descendants. Abraham’s faith was important to God.

Abraham had given God the most precious he had on this earth, God wants to be loved with the best we have. Then God loved Abraham back, because Abraham gave his son Isaac, God is responding by giving His son for the descendants of Abraham, the Hebrews and then the whole world.

To kill Isaac wouldn’t have helped anybody, but sacrificing the Son of God would give the entire world a way to “life” on earth and a life forever with God in heaven. Jesus died for the sin in us to give us a new spirit to overcome the sin in our life.

ASV notes on Genesis 22: 1-10 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

Abraham’s life with his God had been a travel of faith all the way from when he left Haran to the land promised to him, the land of Canaan. Through the Promised Land, back and forth and to Egypt and back. Abraham knew that his God was reliable, his faith was anchored in the past experiences, his God YAHAWAH always looked after him, saved him and blessed him. This building up of Abraham’s faith was not the work of Abraham; it was the work of God and now the time had come to prove it.

God told Abraham to go to Moriah and sacrifice his son there when reading the words of Moses it seems to me that Abraham was calm and collected, did what he had to do in a proper way, and took with him the servants, the fire and his son Isaac.

When they came close to the place for sacrifice; “Abraham said to his servants, “Settle down and stay here with the donkey; the [c]young man and I will go over there and worship [God], and we will come back to you.”  Abraham didn’t waver in his faith, he said: “and we will come back to you.” Abraham was 100% confident that his descendants would come through Isaac. Even if he had to kill Isaac Abraham believed that his God was able to resurrect him.  

Questions to consider

  1. How did the faith of Abraham come by
  2. How did Abraham in these verses put words to his faith 

ASV notes on Genesis 18:9-15

Abraham hoped for a message, and yes when enjoying the meal the one that represented God had chocking news, Sarah was to have a child next year when YAHAWAH would visit them again. Behind the tent-door Sarah heard it and laughed within herself. Sarah believed God, but the news seemed so unrealistic, fantastic, ridiculous and funny at the same time and she laughed.

God heard Sarah’s silent laugh from her heart, in Jesus God is with you too, He hears every sigh, everything you utter, you can say many things to convince God, but God knows what is in your heart, He loves you, but you cannot fool Him. God asked Abraham why Sarah laughed, Sarah denied it, but God confirmed it.

God knows we are flesh, He doesn’t want us to be perfect in our flesh, but in Jesus, Jesus was and is perfect. God wants us to be honest in our weakness and follow Jesus. God asked Abraham and Sarah this question; “Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the LORD?” We believe that God could do anything for others, but not for us, but in Jesus God can, but it works by the laws of God, we need faith and faith comes by hearing, hearing the words of God.

ASV notes on Genesis 16:3-4

God promised Abraham descendants, but years went by and Sarah didn’t get pregnant, Sarah wanted children so she thought that maybe she could help God a little bit by her maid Hagar. Abraham went into Hagar as Sarah suggested and she bears a child to Abraham. Then Hagar treated Sarah with contempt instead of being her maid.

God doesn’t need our help, God wants our obedience and faith, not our struggle, and it only messes up things. Hagar having a child with Abraham brought a lot of trouble.

ASV mark on Genesis 13:2-4 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

Abraham suffered a famine in South Canaan and had to go to Egypt to survive, he could have complained to God, but he just went on. In addition, in Egypt, they took his wife away from him and then chased him away into the desert. Abraham experienced negative circumstances, but he was confident in his God, and God made him extremely rich and he got his wife back untouched. Moreover, Abraham’s faith in God grew even stronger.

Now Abraham and Lot came to the Mountain between Ai and Bethel and pitched their tents there and Abraham called on the name of his God, YHWH, in Hebrew written with four consonants, however, Moses says nothing about Lot doing the same. Abraham knew that God looked after him and that all he had obtained came from Him.

Many people of today only calls to God when things go wrong, and when things go good they think they did it, a very common remark of today is; “I am so proud of myself, of what I have managed”. Nevertheless, when things are bad they blame God, “How could God do this terrible thing” God didn’t do it, every day you are living by the world’s ideas run by the devil and his future for you is steeling, killing and destroying.

Wake up look to Abraham and call on Jesus your only savour and provider.

Questions to consider

  1. Can God make people rich?
  2. Lot chose what he saw, what did Abraham choose?
  3. Do you blame God?
  4. Who is goberning this world?

ASV notes on Genesis 6: 13-14 and questions

Preaching and faith


God new Noah well, and Noah knew God, so God decided to reveal the secret to Noah that He was going to destroy almost all the living on earth, God was leaking this secret to Noah, knowing that Noah believed in Him and would try to warn the people around him. God said, “Make yourself an ark”

The box

God did not tell Noah to make a boat, He told him to make a box that could accommodate himself, his family and some pairs of all the animals and flying creatures and provisions needed. The rooms and decks in the box and the coat outside and inside were vital. How the box moved in the water was not important, God looked after them.

No sailor

Noah had faith in God, he was probably not a sailor, he did not know what he was doing, he just knew the architect. For Noah everything was impossible, how could he catch all the animals and birds, and how could he close the huge door. Noah was just obedient and did not care how ridicules it looked.

The truth

Believe in God through Jesus, do not believe in what you experience and see, it is not the truth. We need medics, but medics get sick too. The truth is not in scholars, the truth is not in knowledge or ideas, the truth is not something, the truth is a person and his name is Jesus.


  1. Did God want to kill all the people that died in the flood?
  2. Do we need God in everything we do?
  3. What is the truth?

ASV notes on Genesis 5:3-8 and 18-24 and questions

First-borne and daughters

Who was the first-borne?

When Adam was hundred and thirty years he had Seth, but we know that before Seth Adam and Eve had both Cain and Abel. The first son mentioned to the descendants of someone in the Bible, is not necessarily the first-born.

Daughters as well

We also notice that Adam, after he had Seth had other sons and daughters, mostly the sons are mentioned in the Bible. However, they had daughters as well. We suppose that Eve was the mother to all the children of Adam, looks like the women at that time were strong and healthy.


  1. Who was Adam and Eve’s first-borne son?
  2. How many daughters did Adam and Eve have?

ASV notes on Genesis 5:18-24 and questions

The importance of the spoken words of God

The preacher

Now in verse 18, we arrive at the old people, beginning with Jared the father of Enoch the preacher. Jared became 962 years only one became older than he did, his grandson. You can feel the blessing of God here in the family of Jared. His son Enoch walked with God, he believed that God was YaHaWaH and was a good God and Enoch preached God’s goodness to people and thought them to call upon His name, YaHaWaH.

109500 days

One day when Enoch was 365 years, God thought that the preaching of Enoch for at least 300 years was enough. People had now heard about Him, who he was every day for more than 300 years times 365 days it takes 109500 days. God will always try to help you, He keeps on trying, you do not have to decide, but you have to listen. God took Enoch to be with Him, Enoch never died he became immortal by preaching the word of God.


What you are listening to grows your faith. If you are listening to the medics telling you about sickness, you will grow faith in sickness, if you are listening to the news, you will start believing in their reports. If you are listening to words like “The good is in human, you just have to look for it and believe that you can do it” that and likewise is a lie from the devil and it excludes God. The fact is, you cannot do it alone, God created you to be with Him, you need Him and God has given you the solution, Jesus the anointed one.


  1. Why should we call upon God’s name?
  2. Why did God take Enoch to be with Him?
  3. What is the only solution?