ASV notes on Genesis 17:1-5 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

13 years had now passed since Ishmael was born and Abraham, now Abram was 99, and Sarah, now Sarai 89. Abraham had walked with God every day, but this meeting was special, it was an occasion for a change. God met Abraham in a visual form; Abraham actually saw God and heard Him talking.

Abram means an exalted father, a father of many children, but now God changed his name to Abraham, a father of a multitude, God there and then decided that Abraham should be a father of many nations.

YAHAWAH (God’s name) appeared to Abraham describing Himself as God Almighty, El Shaddai, this is not a name, but a description of His personality, His ability, His greatness. God wanted to tell Abraham that being with God, Abraham could accomplish great things because of God’s greatness, being with El Shaddai would be the same as being great in the mighty power of God.

Question to consider, give your opinion by commenting  

  1. How could Abraham hear God’s voice?
  2. How did God change the destiny of Abraham?
  3. What is El Shaddai?
  4. What made Abraham great?